Michaux Maximus

I’ve been too busy to chat it up about the Michaux race this past weekend so I’ll just toss out a few highlights, which seems to be a habit for me lately anyway

1.  It was muddy.

2.  There was a lot of mud.

3.  Mud, mud, mud.  (ok, I’m over it)

4.  Ray and Nancy Adams (VisitPA) hooked me up with a place to stay and an awesome dinner Saturday night before the race.  You guys rule!

5.  Racing in rain is so much easier than getting ready to race in the rain.  I was impressed with the number of riders there with the not so grand weather.

6.  We raced.  I saw a girl pull away from the very beginning.  I actually thought “eh, maybe I’ll catch her later.” and didnt think much of it.

7.  I never caught her.

8.  Ryanne Palermo proved she is moving up in the ranks on the mtb scene and an awesome competitor thats going to make you work for it!  Way to rock it, Ryanne!

9.  I cant believe I didnt have a MUDX tire on the back.  Holy stoopid stoopid stoopid!  Refer to notes: 1-3.

10.  My favorite part of the entire race was the last mile or so.. a most beautiful rock garden that actually brought me back to life after three hours of  (go ahead.. guess?) ______.

11.  I finished 3rd place in the 20 miler.  That girl I thought “eh, maybe I’ll catch her” beat me by 15 minutes.  That’s a huge gap after my lamo comment / thought  in note 6 if you didnt catch that.

12.  Someone posted photos:  http://singlespeeder.smugmug.com/gallery/8119862_vhZtE#529404544_xtJPk

13.  The only photo I have is is from the 40-miler starting line.  The kids up front led the group out.  Once the guy said “go!” everyone started down the road, a few of the outsiders started passing the kids (its hard not to), but the main players including the Trek crew up front all stayed behind the kids (that little dude was a pistol and cute as heck!) until they turned off the road.  I found that to be an awesome sight. 


14.  I love racing, the camaraderie, the different trails and terrains, knowing I wouldnt and/or couldnt ride like that just randomly out on my own, all the awesomely awesome people that share in the same passion, all of it equals a most fabulous package of fun-ness.  It is truly a favorite part of me being on this earth.

The end.


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