Criterium Delirium

The last two crit races have only lasted between 33-37 minutes but they are completely rocking my tuesday nights!  I definitely get an adrenaline rush from it and finish up feeling like I chugged a few red bulls.  I love it.  We had a really great turn out with 19 riders for the race, which included 4 or 5 juniors this week.  We started out with a pretty average pace as usual.  Everyone getting into the grove and finding their place in line.   After a few comfy laps I got the urge to pick it up.  Ehh, why not!?  Well, maybe because its way easier behind 8 other riders eatting up the head wind.   I pick it up a few notches and sprint out front of the pack and around I go.  I am immediately on fire… SSSSSsssssss.. ugh, that hurts!  I look over my shoulder thinking they would be right behind me and they were not.  Poo.  I am pretty sure everyone was just thinking, “yeah, like she’s going to maintain that.” and basically wait for me to fall back into line.  haha.   So I did just that, scaled back and crave to tuck back in line..  the pack comes and goes and I find a spot safety in the draft again.  Ahhh, better. 

A few primes spread out the pack more than once and then finally the front pack broke away from us.   A goal of mine is to stay with the front pack, so I evidentally dropped the ball on that one again this week.  Oopsy.  Oh well.  That timing didnt really work out with my schedule and just did not have it in me to catch up at that time.  Shucks.  Next week!  (Disclaimer: there is no rule or limit as to how many times I will claim “next week” for any and all goals.)  Our second group worked well together pace lining around attempting the catch the break away.  Everyone craving to bridge the gap, which looks so close, but so far away at the same time!  Before I knew it we had four laps to go!  Wow, it went fast for me this week!  (my first two crits felt so painfully long for such a short race) At that time I knew we’d never catch them and I just focused on my group now and hanging on for the finish. 

Ding-a-ling! Final lap!  We all single file again, leaving a poor lonely rider out front by themselves to suck up all the wind (I think Barb claimed that position this round), we work our way around the second turn and… clickclick.. clickclickclick.. click… everyone is dropping gears and standing up!  AHHHHHH!!!  I was actually a little pleased with my sprint.  Definitely felt better this week already.  I passed a couple riders on our final stretch and “thought” I might of had the front finish for our second group of riders, but.. negativo!  All of a sudden Anne Marie comes blurring past my right side and crosses the line a few feet in front of me.  Holy smokes, she was flyin!!   Sweet, sweet finish Anne Marie!  No doubt!

That front pack looked pretty large from where I was sitting, so I think I finished somewhere in the middle overall.  What a great time!  I will continue to make attempts to pull and sprint as much as my body will let me and hopefully hang with that front pack next time… or soon.. eventually.. this year, definitely.. maybe.  We’ll see.  😉


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  1. Hey MJ keep at it I’m sure you will make it to the front as long as you keep training hard. I’ve never been to the crits but thinking about maybe testing myself…is there a “beginner night” or workshop?


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