Weekend Report

This past weekend was chock full of bikes and bikers everywhere!  That rules.  Friday night started with the East End Brewery Pale Ale ride where 500+ of my closest friends (yup) and I decided to take a stroll through town at a most casual pace.  Yeah, that can really cause a funk in somebody’s automobile commute.  HA!  That’s what they get for driving on our route!  😉

I loved seeing everyone and ALL those bikes!   It was all about having a good time and I dont know about everyone else, but I definitely did!   AND (da da da DAAAAAA!) it was the INAUGURAL ride for my most awesomely, awesome trophy bike from the Punk Bike Enduro!  I’ll save more details of that for another post.  heeheehee!

05.15.09 Pedal Pale Ale Start

 We rolled across town and down to the OTB Cafe and made our own block party.  That ruled.

05.15.09 OTB Finish Line

Saturday I went to Bavington with my awesome friends, Tim and Lauren, and we rocked out about 4 hours of ride time.  I got them a little more aquainted with the trail system there and I was once again aquainted with some poison ivy.  Blurg!   Oh yeaaaah, that’s why I usually only ride there through the winter.  Itchy, itchy jerkhead plant!   I guess I should be happy I dont have it worse (left elbow: check. left shin: check.  right knee: check) and its always good to start to building up my itch tolerance.   No photos from the fun fest.  Sometimes you gotta just riiiiiiide! 🙂

Sunday I headed to North Park for the Trek Demo event.  I intended to wake up early (heh heh) and rock out the 50 mile Pedal Pittsburgh loop (this time with 2000+ of my closest riding friends. yup.), but get this..  I set my alarm for 5:30a, so I can get down town and be pedalling at 7am, but I forgot to turn ON the alarm.  Minor detail.  BUT I actually wake up all by myself at 6:30a.  I didnt even know I could do that on a Sunday.  I actually get up, make my oatmeal, gobble it up, lean back on my devil of a sofa and crash until 8am.  Whoops!  That wasnt supposed to happen.   I must finally give up on the Pedal Pittsburgh (sorry guys, maybe next year) and head to the demo. 

05.17.09 Trek Demo Bob

I had a great time with everyone.. as expected!  Its always a pleasure to see my FAVorite sales trek rep and friend, Bob Myers, the demo crew Dave and Chris rule, and we had a nice gathering of riders stop by to pay us a visit and check out the fleet.  You beautiful bikes you!

05.17.09 Trek Demo Truck

 I also had the pleasure of meeting Chris Garrison’s pooch and travel companion, Frazier.  I had to share this photo.  That awesomely comfy, soft, quilted blanket is totally only meant for his chin.  Yeah, definitely.

05.17.09 Trek Demo Frazier

A full weekend of amazingly cool bike times and friends!   Weeeeee! 🙂


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