(setting:  my basement and my bikes are all comfortably tucked into their parking spots for the night.  i pull over the box of (clean) kitty litter (all my soap is sold in bottles), lay it on its side and up i go.)

Chh chhmm..  It has come to my attention that I am truely a slacker when it comes to your maintenance and well being.  I am not proud of this behavior, but accept this truth and am making the following pledge as an effort to change my ways and bad habits and give all of you the love and respect you so deserve. 

I, MJ, do solemnly swear to love and honor my bikes.  To wash them after every ride and before my own shower so they are clean and properly prepared for our next ride however sooner or later that may be.  To clean all nooks and crannies of grit and grim so not to wear and tear on you any more than is absolutely necessary.  To lube all parts that need lubed (obviously) after every wash to prevent rusting and other crappy things that happen when you dont lube said parts.  To not over use a chain and round off your teeth, then get mad at you when you wont hold a gear.  To make sure all screws and parts are intact after every ride.  To make sure the front and rear suspension is at the proper psi so we can fully appreciate their benefits (and show those trails who’s boss.. heehee!).  And last but not least.. to always have my bikes cleaned before taking them into the shop for that additional and always needed professional maintenance and t.l.c. no matter how much I try to provide myself… and then gleefully ride through the entire shop back to the repair stands oblivious to the dirt trail behind me (ever again. heh heh.. my bad).

By the power of Trek, Bontrager and Chris Eatough I now pronounce us a responsible owner and clean, happy bikes.  Amen.

I’d like to dedicate this photo to all of my mechanics past, present and future (especially Travis and Chris).  Titled “Clean Bike, Dirty MJ”.  Priorities in check!

05.27.09 Clean Bike Dirty MJ


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