Mohican 100K (long winded) Race Report

This was my second year attending the Mohican 100.  The “K” course to be specific.   So last year (short recap) it took me 9.5 hours.  Since it was my furthest distance to date I made it a point to stop at every rest stop, chow, hit the bathroom, filled my bottles, then I managed to bust my chain around mile 50 and had to walk, scooter, coast about 2.5 miles to the next rest stop for help.  It wasnt until the damn dam that I bonked and borderline crawled up that final road climb and finished with a mangled belly and more exhausted than ever in my lieeeefe!

So THIS year I had a plan ya see!  A PLAN! YEAH!  How to begin?  (blogging on a 7+ hour race and keep it reasonable length.. yeah, thats not going to happen).  Since I had over an hour of stopped time last year, a big goal was to shave off at least that hour overall.  Sounds huge but if I laid off the stops and hopefully no mechanicals it really made for a feasible goal.  I dropped a bottle and energy bar at aid station 2 and a camelbak at aid 3 so I could grab and go.  Only had one pee break for the day and dropped my shorts right on trail (where I accidentally mooned the entire line of hike-a-bikers coming up past me.  Whoopsy!  Heh heh!) 

Now I just needed to ride 62 miles… and yes, Ohio IS HILLY people! Wheeew!  No lie!  I cant handle the truth kinda hills!  I had my full suspension 69er for the day.  Yeah, yeah I know its not the most efficient bike for a not so technical course with road sections, but my body is SO SO used to my full suspension scene I had to do it.   The hard tail and I need more Q.T. together before we can venture out like that.   My lower back hearts my rocket link.

Where was I?  Umm. yeah, so I’m racing.. riding my way through gorgeous single track.  Literally AMAZ-ZA-ZA-ZING singletrack.  (yes, add it to your “places to go” list!).   Aid station 1 (21 miles) came fairly quickly.  I felt okay and keep moving.  Grab and started munching on my Luna bar.  Take a few bites and tuck the rest under the edge of my shorts until I can eat more.   Aid station 2 is awesome.  At somebody’s home and based in their garage.   Lots of food, a real bathroom (that I did not use!) a spritzer fan misting the air!  I dont remember the name of the family who owns the property but they are truly amazingly cool people for sharing their home like that!  Thank you!  When I left there I decided to just walk up the short climb into the back of their property and next trail.  I actually said to someone.  “How bad a shape am I in if I want to just walk up this?”   I dont remember their response, but I knew it wasnt good.  My legs felt WAY more tuckered than I would have ever hoped for only aid station 2.. shucks. 

I was riding with a few people most of the race until now.  They dropped me on the next longer road section before the Mohican Wilderness trails.  Bummer.  Aid station 3.  Somebody shouted my race number “5.7.9” as a headed down the hill into the pit and before I even came to a complete stop a guy approached me with my camelbak in hand.  Holy crap that made me feel like a rock star.  Thanks so much volunteers!  You all did a really great job!   I swapped camelbaks, snagged some sun block cuz my forearms felt like they were ON FIRE and headed out chewing on some Clif Bloks.   I did snag a pb&j and some orange slices at both stops too.  The orange slices taste like heaven!  I managed to climb that left hand turn hill off of Wally road.  (I had to walk a portion last year.  Yeah poopy hill!  I won this year! Woo Hoo!  So what if I was at 1.7 mph..  I did it! 🙂 )  I started feeling way hungry still and grabbed my Cliff Bar.  It was exactly what I needed and I will forever keep Cliff Bars on stock for endurance races.  I had two Luna’s earlier in the day and they evidentally did not have as much ‘umphff’ in them like the Cliff Bar does.  Usually I cant stand the texture, but 6 hours into a race and you’d be amazed how good anything will taste.    

I pause at the top of the bastard hill and the front boys of the 100 miler come rolling up the hill like its a freaking beach front board walk.  I am BEYOND amazed at the speedy and graceful climb by the 5 or 6 of them.  I  eat about a mile of dust and dirt after two cars take off after the leading riders.. COUGH, COUGH!  PATUEY!  Thanks Auto-nerds.  I continue up the “no outlet” road until it crests and we cut left into the downhill… the downhill where I broke my chain last year (insert serious sounding music here!)   I tighten up my chain and roll down fast, but not too fast!   Wouldnt you know!   I’m cruising along and a bug flies directly into my one eye.  Literally stops me in my tracks. Ok, its official.  This downhill is straight bad mojo and I will forever hold a grudge and not enjoy it.  I roll down and out with my new uninvited friend, along the next road stretch and here comes aid station 5 already!  Only 6 miles to go!! Weeeeee!! 

I enjoyed the final batch of single track a lot.  Beautiful twisty state forest single track.. yeeeeesss!  And just knowing my next stop is the finish line definitely perked me up some AND not having to do that awful dam climb like last year made me happy.  I managed to catch another girl on probably the one little rock section of the whole course and got the biggest adrenaline rush you wouldnt believe it.  I give it everything I have left to stay in front of her and basically just finish already. Yeah, I’ve had enough for one day.  I make it down to the paved trail along the road and think I’m heading into the campground, but nope, the trail arrows take me back up and up and up and.. come on!  I actually got mad about it.  I left way too much on the last few miles to be climbing this much again.. ugh!  I head back down our first hike a bike of the day and am dreading the next climb up (assuming its repeating our morning start some more), but the arrows keep me going straight down the road (thank heavens!) and I can see I’m heading back into the campground and done for the day.  Ahhhhhhhh!!!  I did it!!  Yeaaaaahh!!  I am quickly reminded why I do this craziness (yeah, sometimes I question my sanity out there.) as I happily roll across the finish line and hear my name announced.  Victory!  Doesnt matter where I finished.. well, kinda… but finishing feels SOOOOO GREAT! 🙂 

Finish time: 7:20!  I had another goal to try and make top five, buuut.. I got 6th.  Geesh!   At least I met my hour deduction goal and then some.  Sweet.  I do wish I felt better for the race.  That definitely tapped into my fun factor for the day.  I train more than enough and am just not sure what I should have done differently.  I leave happy with my time, that I had no mechanicals, that we had perfect weather, got to ride with a few hundred other cool people AND I got to get some time and photo opp with Chris Eatough and Jeff Shalk again!!   Dreeeeammy!!  🙂 

05.30.09 Mohican MJ all done

05.30.09 Mohican MJ & CEatough

05.30.09 Mohican MJ & JS3


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by J on June 9, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Great job! Groupie… (ha,ha!)


  2. MJ, awesome review of the Mohican 100; makes me want to do it next year! Congrats on shaving 2 hours off your first time, that’s HUGE. Maybe next year I will see you there (although you’ll probably be doing the century by then)!


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