Weekend Report

I had a really great, action packed kind of weekend.  The BELLAs attended the Friday night Pirate Game against the Kansas City Royals, where the Pirates took the win 6-2!  Ni-eeece!  Go Bucs!  I love going to PNC Park.  Just gorgeous.  I watched the pierogi race and then I ate some.  Bought a lemonade off a random vendor guy and he sang Bon Jovi to me.. loudly.. and it sounded good!  I give this night an A+

06.26.09 BELLAs Pirate Game

Saturday included a special invite, triple top secret, tug the 2nd limb on the fourth tree and you better know the hand shake, underground race in the Pittsburgh area.  That’s all I can say!  OK, ok, I’ll share a little more.  A few race details include six hours, a keg of East End Pale Ale, sweet sweet single track, a few damaged knees, a couple BELLAs and a gnome.   I caught the gnome trying to snag my bike at one point.   Sure he’s cute, but shady as hell!  This event still totally gets an A+ attempted theft and all.

06.27.09 6 Hours of Beaver Beer Gnome

There was an appropriately small gathering of cool people, since thats how secret clubs roll.  A LeMans start.. kinda.. more laid back than you can ever imagine.. I believe some chugging was involved.  Maybe.  A few additional photos to share are below.  Names will not be disclosed to protect the innocent and/or guilty. 

06.27.09 Getting Ready

06.27.09 6 Hours of Beaver BooBoos

06.27.09 6 Hours of Beaver BELLA Sighting

06.27.09 6 Hours of Beaver Future BELLA

Sunday. Charlene aka Miss X aka CW and I went to Marietta, Ohio for the WVMBA / RVMBA Wayne Ultra race.  I heard it was very hilly, but I cannot express how much of an understatement “hilly” is used in that sentence.  I really feel this 45 mile race chewed me up and spit me out just as bad if not worse than the Mohican 100K.   Five women signed up for the Ultra, 45 mile course, it took me 5 hours and 21 minutes and I am so, so happy to report I took first place!  What an exciting day!  My full race report still to follow.  Yawwwwwwwwn (did that make you yawn!?  haha!)..  its past my bed time. 

06.28.09 Wayne Ultra Podium

Ps.. major, major A+ kinda day.  Good night! 🙂


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