The Wayne Ultra

So I finally sat down last night and wrote my post about the Wayne Ultra race, my computer screen blinks back to the log-in screen and its freaking gone.  Was I jacked?  Yes.   I cant do it again.  I guess it just wasnt meant to be.  You weren’t ready for a post like that.  Freaking legendary I tell ya.  Like that time somebody told me the meaning of life, but I forgot to write it down.  Shit happens.  Anyway, here is a list of highlights of the race instead

1.  the race offered a 20 and 45 mile option.  i heard it was hilly.  (note: hilly = understatement) 

2.  i took my awesomely awesome prize hard tail 69er for our inaugural race together!  it was definitely the first of many for us.

3.  we had a big m-ass 3-mile neutral start.  so very neutral that pee breaks easily occurred without concern and i think a short game of bike polo ensued.

4.  every hill was so blurgin’ steep i must have cursed the course people a good 10 times.. no worries, i took it all back on each down hill so it was a wash. fear not.

5.  when i reached the course split they called me out as the first girl through.  i dont think i ever experienced that before and it ruled.

6.  i met up and rode with a guy named Aaron for a while.  it was fun and he seemed cool, until he dropped me.  hahaha.  kidding!  he’s still cool.  maybe.

7.  when i reached the last rest stop i asked how much further.  when they told me “only ten miles to go” my terrets kicked in and i tossed out an F-bomb right in front of some kid.  My bad!  I was hoping it was around 8 to go.  I know  it was not that big of a difference but when approaching the fifth hour 2 additional miles is HUGE and i feared a bonk was on my horizon.

8.  i reached the hike-a-bike of all hike-a-bikes.  this trail was undoubtedly put on this earth to be enjoyed as a DOWNHILL people!  it made the mohican 100 hikeabike seem like a handicap ramp.  i made it over, but in a most pathetic fashion.

9.  when i reached what i knew had to be the last few miles of single track i got that sweet, i’m almost done, lets finish it up, and i might actually win this thing, second wind and hauled some ass!  made me realize how slow i was actually going the previous however many miles.

10.  i finished first. holy crap!  it was hard and i swear my legs sounded like bacon on a hot griddle as i rolled back to the parking lot.  5:21.  i am happy with that.  very happy.

06.28.09 Wayne Ultra Podium

11.  the second place girl, Anna Seno, was only 10 minutes behind me.  it was her second race ever.  yeah, i dont feel threatened.  six seasons for me, two races for her.. ehh, yeaaah.

12.  i finally met, Meredith Erlewine who finished 3rd, after years of racing all around each other but never together.  both Anna and Meredith are awesome.

06.28.09 Wayne Ultra Anna, MJ, Meredith Post Race

13.  an amazing event that truly is the definition of a mt. bike race!  awesome organizers and volunteers, and topped off with some Subway to all racers.  burrrrp. delicious!

14.  i drove down with Charlene Walters, a fellow BELLA, and she won the 20 mile course.  that totally rules.

06.28.09 Wayne Ultra CW and MJ Post Race

15.  it was a great day and experience.  the end.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Aaron (the dude from #6) on July 28, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    Maybe?? I’m still cool. Congratulations again on the victory!


    • Posted by MJ on July 30, 2009 at 1:26 am

      LOL. Alllright, your totally still cool. 😉 I really enjoyed your company out there.. while it lasted. Hope to see you around again sometime. Any plans on the Big Bear Ultra? I should be there.


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