WVMBA #7 State Champs

07.12.09 WV State Champs 2nd LapThe “hightlights” scene is really working for me these days.  It takes much less brain power to spit up random thoughts instead of trying to rock out a “story”  of sorts, so here I go again…

1.  I lined up at the start line right behind Sue Haywood and Betsy Shogren.  I wasnt intimidated at all because I knew they were going to blow my doors off.  Acceptance is key.  It just felt soooo cool standing there with them.  A rare opportunity and I loved it.

2.  There was a pile up of dudes at the very beginning stretch of gravel road.  WTF?  I still dont understand what happened.

3.  The first batch of grass was like a pump track.  That was fun.  Did the trail people build it up with that intent or did they actually find that mama nature already provided it and they routed the trail accordingly?  Either way it rules.

4.  The trail kept winding around, twisty turns, rocky rocks (real journalism here), then KAAAAAPPSHSSHSHHHH… into the long ass (yes, I measured it!), hub deep, rocky river bed of a mini lake!  Did somebody pull out a freaking fire hose and fill that up right before the race?  It was so random and HUGE.   Whats better than a mini lake?  Routing us through it three times!  (Course people: Our bike shops and component manufacturers thank you.)

5.  I was really expecting some huge WV mountains but we never saw them.  I couldnt believe it, but the moon rocks definitely made up for it.  And yes, they are rocks made out of moon!  A must see for the technical mountain biker.

6.  JR Petsko caught me starting into the first big lap and I gave it everything I had to keep up with him.  I knew chasing a local boy around would be an advantage and I was grateful to be able to follow his line through a lot of the course.

7.  We reached the moon rocks.. wow.

07.12.09 WV State Champs Moon Rocks MJ & JR8.  The next section after the rocks made of moon kicked my butt just as much.  I could not get a rhythm going and got botched up both laps and walked through sections until it started to climb, then I climbed as far as I could and walked the rest of said climb.. both laps.  Darn.  It was not hike a bike status either.. just rocky enough to really botch up my ride.  I wonder who all cleared that section. 

9.  After that the trail offered up a most awesome and long section of rocky, twisty, downgrade, funness.  LOVED IT!

10.  The trail then merged with a section of the original short lap and we bomb down to the start/finish tent.  Sport riders are done.  Experts have a DO OVERRR. 

11.  I felt good going into the second lap.  Went back and forth with a guy in blue most of the race (only because he kept having to maintain a slow leaky tire and not because i could keep his pace).  Its always nice to have some riding buds out there.  We officially met after the race and I forget his name already.  My bad.  Big props to him for rocking out a smile still after all the trouble.  That’s what its allll about!

12.  I finished 3rd for the day.  I actually did have a goal to be within an hour from the 1st place finisher and I was!  Sweet!  

13.  Charlene completed her first expert level race.  She’s an animal!  (and a wife, mommy of two, nursing student, I think she must sleep like a dolphin and is a real life energizer bunny.  Impressed is an understatement.)

14.  I offically met Sue for the first time after the race.  Name intros and photo opp.  I didnt realize how star struck I was with her until that moment.  She is an amazing woman and mentor.  I LOVED chasing her around for the day.  I hope I get to race “with” her again soon. haha.

15.  I’ve known Betsy for a few years, but to line up and race with her is also an honor.  Such an amazing and aggressive rider, yet one of the sweetest, kindest people I ever met.  She told me she was proud of me and I’m still smiling right now just typing that.  🙂

16.  I completely LOVE racing and everything about it!  Awesome trails, awesome people, awesome times, awesomeawesomeawesome!! 

The end.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ryanne P on July 16, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    I wish I could have been there- next year, baby!!


  2. Posted by C-dub on July 17, 2009 at 2:53 am

    🙂 You make me smile!


  3. Thanks for the press! I had to answer your question about the pump track part. That was actually the race course of the Blackwater 100 back in the day. Years of 4-wheeler and motorcycle racing made those. Hope to see ya soon! HUGS*


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