Got Grease?

Picture it.. 2009.. Tuesday night.. ACA crit… I’m standing at the registration table.. a bump.. a whooops.. big smudge!!  Grease MeFudge!! 

Yeah, my chain might need cleaned.  Yeah, name calling ensued.  Them roadie people are tough I tell ya!  I recall the first comment coming from Lee Ann and being something along the lines of “what did you do to that kid?” HAHAHA!  Thanks LA!  I was totally the innocent bystander.. no, victim in this scenerio, but it doesnt matter because I’m the grease ball.  Sweet.

So without much ado and no degreaser on hand we (me and my new temp tatoo) line up and get ready to race.   It felt windy on the track.  Tucking in the draft felt easy and slow, but once you took the front you realized why.  It aint easy up there, yo!   I’m not sure what lap it was but at one point I spot Barb Grabowski (Steel City Endurance and Roadie Phenomenon!) looking pretty aggressive coming down the outside right of the pack.  I was rolling down the middle of the track and in a perfect spot to pick it up and catch her wheel.  As we rolled around the bend I noticed we had a junior in tow (who I called “Red” with his red jersey and bike. I know, I know.  Genius at work.)  AND more importantly I noticed we had a gap on the pack.  No way!  I tell Red we’re off the front and we gotta work together as I pull over and let him lead.  We share a little pace line banter, and off we go and work very nicely together until the finish.  It was awesome.  I almost didnt go to the race, but LA made me.  Not really, but I do blame her for attending.  hahaha!  Gotta love her!  Working together with Barb and Red (aka Brandan Mortner, Unattached – for now) was a great time, workout and experience. I finished up third place behind my pace-mates and won me a crisp Lincoln back.  Word.  I had a lot of fun and am proud to be proof that greasy calf, squeaky brake roadies are people too!  And not necessarily a newby!  Judge not lest ye be.. greased.  Cheers.


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