WVMBA Big Bear Ultra

*  6 hours and 7 minutes of ride time

*  I seriously heart WV.

*  I didnt know this drop was coming until this very moment, but I have yet to perfect the wheelie drop anyway…

08.08.09 Big Bear Ultra

*  I completed my most hard core (points for speed and impact, not distance) superman to date.  

*  As well as two additional and majorly stupid hit the ground scenerios like it was my first race… ever.   No additional details to follow.

*  I dropped my shorts ONE time for a pee break and managed to get poison ivy on my butt.  Blurg!

*  I finished 3rd outta 6 ladies. 

(photo L->R:  Anna, MJ, Meredith, Betsy, Klara, Ruth)

08.08.09 Big Bear Ultra Ladies

*  They fed us a sweet spread afterwards that included this awesome cake.  They are aiming straight for my ticker with this one.

08.08.09 Big Bear Cake Yum


* I thought this scene was kinda funny.  Dirt leggins, clean feet.. kinda… not really.

  08.08.09 Big Bear Dirt Leggins


* There is one more ultra race in September to finish up the series, but I dont know if my body will want to do it or not by then.  We’ll see.

* Thats all I got to say about that.


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