Its my birthday & I’ll ride if I want to!

Soooo.. I have totally increased in the number of years I have been alive on this planet.  Instead of letting my “I’M ALIIIIIVE!” day/week come and go without any plans and then be disappointed about it, I decided to take action and line up a few fun times for myself.  Hey, if you want something then make it happen, right!?  Right! 

Thursday night I went to my first Steelers (pre-season) game! (an unexpected and awesome gift from a good friend.. thank you!)  I missed the announcer dudes & was torn between the field and jumbotron, but it was SO FUN!!! 🙂

08.13.09 Steeler Game

Friday night I did one of my favorite things and hung out with a few BFFs, grilled eats (yum!), ate the best sweet corn in W.PA (yum!) , Oakmont Bakery birthday cake (yum!) and mojitos (yum!)!  It was awesome.  

Saturday day I lined up a ride with a few BFFs at Moraine State Park for some sweet singletrack and rockfest!  I really love it there.  Even though it was so blurgin’ hot it felt like a rain forest and the rocks were even sweating all over the place. 

I was queen of this boulder (if queen means standing on it), wearing a birthday hat on top of my helmet and totally walked this section and many others in the narly new stuff.  If you feel the urge to test your mountain biking skills and confidence I suggest the new down hill out there.  Whew!

08.15.09 Moraine Birthday Walk

Saturday night. A ridiculous amount of fun was had!  Dinner, drinks, a limo, casino, dance club and a million laughs in between.  I couldnt have asked for it to go any better!  This photo just happens to be filled with all mountain biker chicks.  Nice! 🙂 

08.15.09 Casino Blue Bar

Sunday I drove my mom to Butler to check out a car for sale at someones home.  While standing and waiting around I eye spied what was in their garage since the door was open and I had nothing else to do.  Whatever. I quickly spot this awesome looking old school red Huffy bike along the back wall.  I ask the woman if she would consider selling it, but she says its her husbands and she’ll have to ask.  The husband showed up while we were hanging out and after about 10 minutes of good ol’ fashion bartering I am now the PROUD new owner of a most beautiful Huffy Good Vibrations Singlespeed!  I cannot NOT smile when I look at it!  YEEEESSSSSSSS!  🙂  My mom is getting the car too.  That rules.

Huffy Good Vibrations

I can barely lift it with one hand, but plan to fix up the tires and chain and ride it!  Weeeeeee!  I LOVE IT!!  Officially my birthday gift from me to me.  Isnt she gorgeous!? 

Huffy Good Vibrations2

Lastly, Monday night my office and project-mates got to enjoy the Pirate game in a luxury box.  Rockstar dinner menu and desserts and the Bucco’s won!   They lit candles and sang to me too.  🙂  It was a seriously superb evening and finale to my weekend funfest! 

08.17.09 Pirate Game Fallon, MJ, JG

I’m so grateful to have had such an amazing weekend!  I feel so blessed with friends and family and bikes.  Life is good.  Cheers!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Todd on August 1, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Found this post because I recently bought a Huffy Good Vibrations bike just like yours. Did you ever fix it up to ride? I degreased and relubed the chain, washed and waxed the frame and used a wet SOS pad to get a little bit of rust off the handlebars and rims. It rides so well for such an old bike.


  2. Posted by MJ on August 2, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    I did clean it up but have not taken it out on a full blown ride yet. Eventually pumped the tires up and they held air! Shined it up real good (looks gorgeous!) and meant to take it out on our local Keg Ride, but due to my tight schedule and not sure I’d be able to lift the gosh darn thing into my car I opted for an easier lighter bike. Its still on my agenda. I’ll be sure to post about it when I do! Glad to hear someone else is enjoying one too! Too fun! 🙂


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