I really should stick to biking.

I had intended to go to the WVMBA race at Coopers Rock today, but I managed to hurt my knee attempting to hit a golf ball this past Friday (it was my company’s annual golf outting).  My efforts to hit the ball consisted of several seriously hard wacks into the ground (it was a seriously long club) about 2-3 inches to the right of the teeny tiny look at the little baby ball.. awhhhh.. still sitting there on top of that stupid tee.  Grr!  Little jerk!  (And it was a right handed club and I’m a South Paw.. not my best idea ever.  I know this)  After I realized yesterday that something was definitely wrong with my knee (it took me almost two full days to figure out how I hurt myself)  I thought I could still go down and ride the course.  See some racing buds, ride some sweet, sweet trails and finish whenever I finish.  Who cares, ya know?  But I woke up today and it was actually still so sore I cant put full weight on it (I deserve a crack up side my head!!).  Yeah, I AM THAT BAD with a golf club, so I didnt even ride at all today and now just need to wait it out until it feels better.  Oh well.  That’s what I get for attempting to pull a Tiger Woods out of my pocket.

Once I am “back to normal” I hope to complete in some of the month of mud races and/or the OMBC has quite a few left in its series, but my last big and important race of my 2009 season is the ICEMAN COMETH!  AHHHH!!  I am so happy and excited that the one and only Bob Myers  (who I miss a crap load and hope I get to see way sooner than later!) is able to help me get an entry into the race! YES!  Probably the largest and coolest race I have (and may ever) participate in!   So I will admit that I am truly going to try and train smart and hopefully go as prepared as I can be for this one.  It always has a very strong and deep pro/expert catagory every year.   I’m not sure what to expect for such an intense field of females, so right now I am hoping for a top half finish.  We’ll see how that goes when the time comes.

That’s about it for now.  Except, just say no to random sporting attempts…  Stick with what you know…  I love fall most of all (seriously! yipee!).. Go Steelers!  Go Pens!   And below is a picture of me and my beautiful and sleepy niece, Renee, who just crashed hard after her bottle.  (yeah, its a really dark photo, but the baby was sleeping!!)  Babys rule and Renee rules even more!  She’s approaching 4 months and at that awesome plump baby size.  Dont you just want to rub her belly!?  heehee!  🙂

09.15.09 Sleeping Renee & MJ


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