A Shout Out to Lindsey Prososki

Michelle & LindsayLindsey,  I am so impressed with your love and dedication to mountain biking.  It is a hard and time consuming sport at any age and and I would find it exceptionally difficult with so many activities and friends and sports to choose from at your age.  You have been doing a great job in the Sport catagory this year.  Moving up to Sport is a big step for any rider and I’m sure you are still constantly learning how to improve on obstacles and getting comfy with the longer distances and you will continue to do so as long as you ride (we all are).  This is not a sport for the weak or weary.   You should be proud of your accomplishments and dont ever (today or ever) let anyone try and take away from that.  Finish proud and with a smile.  A few good goals to have at every race (but I’m thinking you already know this).

Also, its hard to hear anyone say anything negative about you or loved ones.  Sometimes its even harder to truly wash it off and not let it bother you.  Everyone has an opinion and thats okay.  Just remember thats all it is and sometimes what someone has to say holds no value to a whole lot of people.  It is honestly that simple, but I will admit it took me a really, really (really) long time to learn how to do that.. many years beyond yours my young friend..  so I hope you can chew on todays scenerio, learn from it and become a better person and athlete because of it.   

Life is what we make of it and you are doing great so far.  Keep shining.  😉


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