My 1st Cross (M.O.M. Grove City) race eva!

Yeah, my crazy friends talked.. guilted.. no, pressured me into trying my first cross race this past weekend.  Like every October I am teetering on the brink of end of season burn out and am so unbelieveabley jonesin’ to get lazy (and start making my jeans too tight cuz I ate like a pig that last eight months and cannot just shut that appetite off like a switch, ya know!?)  BUT the Iceman Cometh is in my near future (YES!) and I gotta stay on a riding / training schedule, so with all that said (whew).. sure people, I’ll try it. 

Highlights to my new adventures to the old cross scene:

10.  Cross in a nutshell:  Short multiple laps, nonstop intense speed, smoothly hop off bike as approaching barriers, gallop over barriers (preferably like a gazelle), while still running with bike in tow, gracefully jump back onto seat, clip feet in, continue riding until next set of barriers, while (of course) maintaining forward motion at all times  (insert blank stare and silence now).

09.  Hmm, this weekend? Cross race or let my brother play that game where he likes to punch me in the arm 10 times in a row?  Cross race or.. ?  Decisions, decisions.

08.  Ok, ok, I am still a little surprised but happy to report that I didnt hate on it at all like I thought I would.  I had fun!  Who am I?

07.  I was way proud that I actually dismounted properly each time and didnt eat dirt or bike seat (like my practice runs) AND someone got a photo of me.  NICE!  (I will omit how I got over the barriers and re-mounted.)

10.04.09 Grove City Dismount

06.  I LOVED that I got to race almost the entire race back and forth with Ruth, Ryanne and Becky!  That so makes any race that much better and pushes all of us to go that much harder!

05.  I kind of believe Cross is its own cult and like some rare creature that should be featured on National Geographic (insert my Steve Irwin voice).. they come out ooonly this ooone time a yeeear to bike, run and gaaallop as theeese maaarvelous and mysteeeerious croooss riders do and then.. they are goone.  isnt it amaaaazing!?  I am hesitant to join this cult, but I can totally see the tasty flavor of it all, from way over here, I’m so not there yet, but potential is in the air, for some God forsaken reason, and yeah, I got a thing for run on sentences today.

04.  If some cross junky comes up to me and asks me to drink some dark purple crap and then lay a sheet over my head I am so OUT!

03.   Am I seriously going to fall for another type of cycling that “forces” me to get another style bike!?  The madness!

02.   My AVERAGE heart rate for my 1:05 hr race was 180!  Holy Shit!

01.  Sure a lot of guys and girls know what they are doing and rock out the barriers like its nothing, but I GOTTA give a shout out to this dude, Kevin Wahila, who got some sweet evidence he knows whats up.  Dude, you cross rule! 

10.04.09 Kevin Wahila Cross Bad Ass


3 responses to this post.

  1. becareful, cross is highly addictive.

    it can consume all.

    it rules.

    cult member since 1997


  2. Hey Michelle, it’s Regina…we races ICEMAN together last year on thsinglespeeds. I was wondering if you were going on the singlespeed again or going for gears?

    Hope you’re well!


    • Hi Regina! I am going to Iceman again this year, but my friend talked me into registering for the regular expert catagory. I dont think its going to be as fun as rocking out the SS with you last year, but I’ll make the most of it! Good luck to you and maybe I’ll see you up there amongst the madness. Take care! MJ 🙂


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