Breasts & Bradys!

Last Saturday I headed to the Trek of Pittsburgh Robinson store for the annual Breast Cancer Awareness ride.  One of my favorite things to do is ride and one of my next favorite things to do is ride for a good cause!  An excellent combination of good stuff like skippy’s natural peanut butter & strawberry rhubarb jam (holy delicious!).. chilly weather & flannel (2 big thumbs up!).. D’s Mason Dixon & a Hefeweizen (you need or want something from me simply present these & my wall shall crumble).  

10.10.09 Breast Cancer Awareness Ride

It was a chilly morning, but I knew it was going to be great day.  As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot the sun started peaking out and it followed us around the whole ride.  It was so super!  The autumn colors were rocking loud and proud, the chill in the air had that crisp clean feel and I think I smiled about 92.1463 % of the ride just because.  Definitely one of those “life is good” moments.  Pictured above from the left: Lauren, me, Jason, Tara, Don, Ashley.  I’m not sure how many riders there were for the day, but this was my group and who I road with most of the 25 mile loop.  I was super proud when I noticed Tara and Ashley joining the ride both without their boyfriends for the day.  Both newer to the sport and definitely new to the road scene with Saturdays ride being their first and second road rides ever!  Way to go ladies!  Represent! 

Sunday I headed to Brady’s Run for one of our local Month of Mud races.  Every year I fall lame to post season burn out and feel like (without exaggerating) major, major, unbelievable crap every time I attempt this race, but I have been maintaining my riding schedule and felt slightly more confident when we lined up this weekend.  The course was shortened to a mere 4 mile loop with experts only doing 2 laps.  Geez, that seems so short (especially when I was on the fence until saturday afternoon about going to the OMBC Mohican 25 mile race instead).  I felt a tad disappointed, but figured “whatever” I’ll make the most of it.  The race starts out with a flat prologue loop around a field before we start up the road (a short climb but enough to knock the wind out of your sails if your not in the mood for it).   We reach the first rolling section across the hill side.  Then to the mother climb.  A tight right gets you started and the single track just climbs and climbs and climbs and climbs, (son of a!!).  I see LA grabbing onto a tree for a quick breather up ahead.  Not sure if she’d want me to share that, but I so am!  hahaha.  She’s so anti-hills!  How does she love mountain biking so much and hate hills?  Thats like the chicken and the egg question.  I’ll never know.  Even with the pause she quickly pulls away from me as I maintain my steady pace up, but I gotta admit I was happy I stayed on my bike.  Previous years have proven me not so efficient.   Once we reach the top its into the slippy log piles.  Plenty of them too.   I so love these trails!  Mother climb and all.

BradysSo this year we have two addtional expert ladies in the house. Ryanne Palermo and Becky Iden, two more awesome girls who I just love  and mountain biking can claim credit for bringing us together!  As we started the series this year I was totally happy they moved up in the catagories and testing their strengths, but man!  I had no idea what I was up against!  I just didnt realized I needed to consider them a threat yet (no offense!), however my stupidity evidentally got the best of me because they are already blowing my doors off!   Ryanne (who is a soccer phenom!)  has completely taken over the mountain biking scene now too and I do not know if I can even contend with her!  We have one final race in two weeks and I hope that I can just keep her in my sights.  Then Becky, who I wasnt even sure how serious she was about racing, is making me bring everything out to stay in front of her (for now anyways)!  What the heck are you ladies eatting for breakfast!?  Little children!?  

What started out as a “mere 8 mile” race kicked my ass and required me to take a power nap when I got home to even function the rest of the day.  What the.. !?  What does that even mean!?   I know what it means.  If I have any intentions of being a contender next season I better pick it up a few notches.  Thank God the off season is approaching!  I better start resting if I plan on surviving 2010. 

Congrats to Ryanne and Becky for representing the ladies field so exceptionally well this year!  Racing is such a blast when you have friends to share it with!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I rather lose a race against awesome friends anyday than claim any victory without them.  I think it would be funny (funny-weird, not funny-haha) not to feel that way.   See you ladies at Moraine!  I feel the urge to go practice my technical skills now.  Over and out.


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