Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine, but I have a NERD REPORT: I have no plans to wear any costume anywhere this weekend.  What the heck is  up with that!?  I do not know.  However, I do plan to hang with my mom, bro and niece (for her 1st halloween! Awh!) and hand out candy, so that’ll work too.  Hey, check out my FIRST pumpkin carving ever!  Yeah, I used a stencil.  So what!  Its still bad ass.

Titled:  Ah, ah, ah, ah Stayin Undead!  Stayin Undead!

Pumking Carving Staying Undead

I’m going to attempt 1 or 2 cross races this weekend.  That should be interesting.  I recently learned that I truly, no doubt about it, kind of a lot, really suck as this cross scene, but its something fun to try and keep the pumper and legs moving until Iceman next week.  One more week and race then I’m getting lazy (and probably chubby people)!  Ahhh, the off season!  I love you so!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Have fun and be safe!

Electric Pumpkins


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