Cross My Heart & Hope to Hurdle

Meet my new Gary Fisher Presidio!  Holy smokes thats a sexy bike! presidio You like?  I love!

Just shy of ten long years I finally paid off my college loan (insert a serious and embarassingly long happy dance right NOW!) and have met my personal goal/rule of “no more bikes until I pay off that bill!”  (that I started to enforce about a year and a half ago)  I would of had no idea that I would have found myself in the bike shop the next day after the online payment went through placing my order for this beauty!   Do I “need” this bike? Well.. umm.. yeah!  Can I afford this bike?  Eh, sure.  A bill ends, a new one begins.  I pay this company, now I pay that company.  All I know is I evidentally dont hord my money and saving it is overrated.  Actually I do have intentions of selling two of my bikes..  😦  I just dont need or use them anymore so after I put a little time and effort into cleaning and fixing them up I hope to put that money into paying this one off.  See, Mom!  I’m totally responsible!

I have been extremely curious about this crazy racing world of CYCLOCROSS!  I tried my first one a few weeks ago on my mountain bike and had a much better time than I expected.  I actually thought I might hate on it a little bit, but it was quite the opposite.  The craziness of it all had me craving it the littliest bit more.  uh oh.

So with my new bike in tow I headed to Ohio this past weekend to check out another cross race and give it another go. Here’s a few highlights from my newly found racing scene…

10.  I seriously find this type of racing to be a twisted and wicked world that only people with a certain “crazy” gene can even consider participating in. No offense.

09.  I thought mountain biking was kind of messy.  I was wrong.

08.  Barriers!  @#&$!!^!  So many riders can gracefully and effortlessly gallop over the barriers like they are descendents of Peter Pan or the gazelle.  I have yet to successfully get any kind of air and so far can only manage to “step over” these henious objects blocking my path.  This is going to take some serious learning and practice if I ever plan to not forever suck at that. 

07.   I loved how my cycling worlds are colliding!  The twisty, rooty, muddy, ditches, thick grass, pines are SO much fun!  The road bars, thinner tires and stiff fork felt pretty bizzarro world for me out on all of that.  It was tough and I loved it.

10.31.09 Chagrin Cross Race

06.   I struggled the entire race deciding on a gear.  Who knew a grass field (which I originally thought would be my recovery section) sucked the life out of my legs and I tried to gain some strength in the  muddy singletrack.  Go figure.

05.  With major post season burn out I was just really hoping to keep someone in my sights to help pull me along and keep me moving at a respectable pace.  I forgot what a short course this racing world provides and I saw other riders constantly through the whole race.  I loved that.

04.  I was really happy to catch and pass a few guys during the race, but the first three girls (including the winner and my girl, Lee Ann Beatty!  Word!) blew my doors off from the start.  Does it suck less when you expect that to happen?  I suppose.  (Note: I saw they listed me as finishing 3rd.  That’s a mistake and Leah and Samantha both cleaned my clock also. Props to you ladies!)

03.  Like the terrain and fast paced madness isnt enough its like a big no-no to carry water!?  Seriously?  (Ref: Comment No. 10)

02.  Oh you beautiful Presidio!  I’m so sorry this has to happen so soon!  As much as I wanted to prop you in the living room like a trophy and admire your shiney new self for a few months we had a race to do and we did it.  You did good girl.  We did good.10.31.09 Chagrin Cross Post Race

01.  I thought it was absolutely nutty to drive hours and hours to a race that isnt even a full hour long itself.  I get it now.


3 responses to this post.

  1. and like that, they cult of cross has gained another member.
    welcome to the sickness…

    did you order a pit bike yet?



  2. Posted by Fran on November 5, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    I can’t figure out where the “crazy” gene came from. If I had known buying you a two wheeler would have evolved into this …. you would have walked everywhere as a child !!


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