This annual event is a road ride climbing (or attempting to) the 13 steepest hills (which you just cannot fully appreciate or comprehend without seeing them in person) around Pittsburgh.  The route spans approximately 50 miles and 5+ hours to get to all of them, supposedly includes neutral riding in between the hills and a few food stops are provided to refuel.  A must for all riders in attendance.  My title says it all, but I’ll toss out a few highlights before my memory blocks it out completely. 

10. With a month off the bike I knew completing the ride was impossible so I had a goal of completing 6 of the hills.  HALF DIRTY DOZEN FAIL!  I actually only completed 5 out of 8 attempted hills.. heh heh.. yeahhh..

9. I did complete the first four hills and then we reached Logan.  Holy mother of all paved surfaces!  This is when my demise and walking began.

8. Rialto.  Sooo, you want me to ride down this wall of a street only to turn around and race back up it?  I appreciate the offer, but will have to decline at this time.  I will keep this street on file for future consideration.  Thank you.

7. Sycamore.  The next and last hill I completed.  Not as bad as the others if you can believe it.

6. I found myself walking a section of Crane Avenue only to later find out it wasnt even on the list of “hills”.  Ohhh, thats funny.  I mean effn HILARIOUS people!  !*@&

5. Canton.  Fun to watch.  Already too mangled and blown out to even try.  Bummer.  

4. The next hill reminded me of Logan and I gave it the stink eye ALL the way up!

3. We railed through the Liberty Tunnels.  OH.. MY.. FUN!  The highlight of my day.

2. Two or three hills remain, but its time for me to leave while I’m still smiling.  I took a lovely casual paced solo ride back to my car and went to my home.  A great way to finish a great ride and not overdo it.  Slightly older.  Slightly wiser.

1. I had such a great time seeing and watching everyone.  I do not regret my lazy November the slightest bit, but already do like the idea of being better prepared for next year.  We’ll see.

The end.


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