My first snow, chicken wing & punk bike plagiarism

I have been successful at maintaining my heinously lazy lifestyle and newly found hobbies as previously noted (I’m creating my 4th bridge and have won 27 sets of tickets to shows I dont even plan to see, but hey its something to do), however, last weekend I accidentally caught sight of the snowfall and quickly found myself smiling and zig zagging through my home trails.  I managed to dress perfectly and even though I only had time for a shorter ride it made it all the sweeter.  OH how I LOVE snowy winter rides!  You make me SO HAP-PY!!

Ok, now I need to admit something.  (insert standing up in front of my computer screen now)  My name is Michelle Johnson and my elbow hurts!!  I’ve tried to ignore it long enough.  Besides needing my annual post season time off the bike its been a little worse than normal.  I need to cave and see a doctor about my injured chicken wing.  What started as a mere tweak of the elbow during my short-lived cameo in the cross world seems to have turned into a full blown WTF and I need someone to make it better.  I’m really not into complaining or making excuses on my soap box of a blog spot, but this boo boo has pushed its way into my life and riding schedule long enough that it has earned its own stoopid little unwanted shout out.  Damn you chicken wing!  I’ve had enough!  Hopefully I’ll be on the mend asap, but for now I’m riding just enough for sanity purposes and mainly rocking it out right here if you need me. Yes, I’m in the photo.. under the comforter and portable purring heaters.

Feel free to stop by with movies, hot foods, hot drinks, really anything you are willing to share and that I need to exert energy to acquire.  Thanks in advance. 

Last but not least, I did make it out to the annual Punk Bike Enduro, but due to my lame wing and overall not so grand mood I dont have a decent post to share, so I’m going to sponge off some fellow bloggers and share their well written story instead.  Check out Pennsylvania Dirt if you want to see how this year’s Punk Bike rolled out.


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