Winter Lecture Series Begins Jan. 6!

This season, we’ve decided to do plan the Winter Lecture Series a little differently. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Trek of Pittsburgh Winter Lecture Series, I came up with the idea 3 years ago because we wanted to encourage people to keep up their motivation through the dark cold months when usually the bikes get hung up in the garage and forgotten about until spring thaw.

This year, I have a very exciting list of speakers and we’re presenting immediately following the holidays on Jan. 6. A representative from Bike PGH will kick off the series at 7pm to talk about commuting tips, how to ride in the city, and to announce Bike PGH’s new booklet entitled Commuting 101.

The following week, We’ve made arrangements to bring in Chris Clinton, the Bontrager Hard Goods Manager at Trek. Flying all the way from Wisconsin, Chris designs all wheels and tires (amongst other things) and will be on hand to explain how tire choice can drastically affect your performance. After his lecture, there’ll be plenty of time to chat one-on-one with him and ask specific questions. You really won’t want to miss Jan. 13! Our final two speakers are just as exciting – Univeristy of Pittsburgh’s Dr. Bret Goodpaster, a return speaker from previous Lecture Series will be giving an extremely informational talk on training and what VO2 MAX really means to the rider. Darin Shriver wraps up the ’10 Winter Lecture Series educating on the importance good health as it relates to training on the bike. He give personalized tips and offers solutions on how to make the most of your time on the road or in the woods.

So after you’ve stuffed yourself with every tasty holiday treat imaginable, ripped open all of your gifts, and spent the last week fat and happy with friends and family, mark the Winter Lecture Series on your calendar and join these talented speakers at the Trek of Pittsburgh Shadyside store each Wednesday evening in January! You won’t want to miss this! Contact Shadyside’s manager, Jeff Kuchma for directions, etc.


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