Hi. I’d like to re-introduce my annual Christmas bike with chasing lights on the wheels and chain, of course.  I attempted (kind of but not really) to upload video of the bike in motion for the full effect but Upload FAIL.  Use your imagination.  I’m asking Santa for improved time management skills and additional patience in my stocking this year!  Fingers crossed!

The ropes versus regular lights really makes it pop, dont ‘cha think?  Not even 15 minutes after I turned on the bike I got a call from my neighbors giving me props for how awesome it looked and they officially nominated me for the “most creative decor on the block”.   I immediately spread the exciting news and forewarned all those opposing my nomination must meet me at my neighbors flag pole at 3 o’clock Christmas Eve for a serious game of hot hands.  No mittens allowed!

Thank heavens someone pointed out to me that Christmas is on Friday.  I’ve been seriously thinking Thursday until this week and running out of precious holiday procrastination time!  I have a whole additional day.  Nice!  I am NOT ashamed to admit… I wait until the LAST minute.  I LOVE holiday music.  I go to the malls SEVERAL times during the holiday season because I WANT to AND.. my cats have their own stockings!!  AND I’M A BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPER!!  YES!!  Holidays rule!  Scrooges drool!

Oh yeah.. bike riding.  I’m almost ready to get off my slacker wagon and try to raise my heart rate again.  Ok, ok, I’ll admit it.  I went out for two rides this week due to the awesome snow we’ve had recently, but trust me I’m making up any exercise weight loss or accidental maintaining with massive amounts of holiday eats and treats.  I dont know what happened to me this season.  I know I’ve already said it, but its worth another mention.  I truly, no lie or doubt about it, hit a cycling wall so hard this fall that I actually questioned if I was going to even race next season.  I know.. WHO AM I?  I didnt even tell anyone that, so buds, feel free to ream me up and down for even saying/typing such words!  Slap that lame attitude right out of my post season fat FACE! 

I’m going to blame this wall hitting and post season attitude on the beginning of this year (for a few certain reasons and the peeps in my life who care or need to know already know) that led me to bike about 5 days a week for a good 4 months straight.  (Why was I not any skinnier?  I thought the same thing.)  Since there are no worries of that happening again I’m hoping after another week or so of the most beautiful, glorious and under-appreciated laziness (Dear Laziness, You had me at “hello”.)  I’ll be back on a regular schedule and I already intend to switch up the routine a bit.  Attempt jogging again.. eek!  Hit the gym.. Eh!  XC ski! FUN!  Try a few new things to prevent such a henious burn out from happening ever again.  AND I’ll start.. JUST before the atrophy sets in.. promise!  (I’ll also give a short and final mention of my wounded (tennis) elbow, which is still super annoying but slowly on the mend. Yeah, yeah “thats” why I’m a lazy bum! Right.)  Until then I’m stocking up on rubber bands so I can keep my pants (kinda) buttoned. 


“Then I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.”



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