UPDATE: THEY JUST RAISED TURNPIKE TOLLS! Its like they are Scut Farkus, we’re Ralphie and they just nailed us in the FACE with a SNOWBALL!  GET MAD RALPHIE!!  LET’S TACKLE & BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!!  I MEAN… SIGN THE PETITION!

This bridge is a GINORMOUSLY EXTRA LARGE BIG DEAL of an important part of the Laurel Highlands trails system.  I’ve biked across it several times on amazingly super fantastic epic rides.  Dividing the trails would be devastating.  The Laurel Highlands snowmobile club has initiated this petition, but it is used by hikers, bikers, xc skiiers, etc!  PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE!!    Help us show DCNR, PennDOT and the PA Turnpike Commission how important, utilized and valuable this bridge is to the local community, visitors and tourism! 


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