Reminder: Bontrager Brand Manager @ T.o.P. Tonight!

I’m super stoked to see Chris Clinton tonight at the Shadyside store!  He’s biking all the way over from Wisconsin for the winter lecture series!  I think he’s currently passing through the Youngstown area.  Keep it up Chris!  Almost here! 

Besides Chris’ expertise on Bontrager he’s had an amazing life and career involving professional cycling, secret service (I cannot disclose any additional information), back up base player for the DMB in the early 2000’s, bee keeper, lumberjack, finalist on comic reality show (look for him on NBC this fall!), melon farmer, philanthropist (he did give me a hat once), spelling bee champion and most importantly a distant relative, specifically twice removed on his mom’s fourth cousins husbands twin brothers side to The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, who I hope to meet and possibly marry one day.. and that whole Bontrager gig that I first mentioned.


Ps.. Please note the pistol in his left hand. If we don’t get a certain number of people tonight he’s going to pop a cap in my ass!  Dont me down!


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