Winter Weight Gotcha Fat?

Theres nothing like a little winter weight to warm the bones, eh? After two plus months of lazy bliss I’ve finally snapped out of it and have started an exercise routine once again.

It wasnt easy either!  I definitely fell into a deep dark place. A comfy place!  Where elevated heart rates were not welcome but all things fuzzy were!  Television was my friend and food reached BFF status.  Finally, after the new year and when even my pj pants started to feel snug I stood up and yelled PUT THE TRUFFLE DOWN MJ!! (sure, I talk to myself in the third person) AND BREAK A SWEAT FOR GODS SAKE!!  Then I rocked out two large barrels of water.. one cold.. one hot.. and I had someone fling my head back and forth until all drunkin slacker lathargic hibernating behavior was washed out and off of me!  Talk about invigorating!!  (I totally just tried to find the scene when Andre the Giant did that to Indigo when he needed to sober up and save the man in black!  I seriously thought EVERYTHING was on YouTube.. DE-NIED!) 

Where was I?  Oh yeah.. I was chubby, hungry, yet covered in crumbs and realized.. it’s time!  So I joined a gym new years weekend and am happy to report I’ve been going and everything!  I’ve actually been jogging for the first time in about 6 years (I remember why I quit that habit), been riding my bikes again (you make me so HAP-py!), aerobic classes (just because the instructor looks like a middle aged mom does not mean you wont be crying and crawling out of the gym in approximately one hour), even weight machines (I thought those were dead to me) and last but not least yoga.  Ohh beautiful patient yoga, you had me at mountain pose.  (do i overuse that line?  nahhh!) 

So there is NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT PEOPLE!!  If you want to work off that winter weight start today!  Make it happen!  YOU are the only one to blame if you are not happy with your pants size, waist size, snack size, all of it!  Since I personally like to eat a crap load I better quit typing and go ride my BIKE!!  Last but not least, if you can take anything away from this post.  Remember..     



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