Enough about me! Lets talk about me!

Whenever the discussion of having a blog comes up I tend to give my standard response of “well, I dont blog just to write about myseeelllllf”, so why not flush that down the crapper and toss out a post solely about me.me.me. (but please comment too!)  Since two of my favorite bloggers (Kim and FatMarc) have already shared their lists I shall now follow suit and provide some of my simple loves in life.  In no particular order… 

1.  Bicycles. Nuff said. 

1. Flannel Sheets. A necessity in my life.  

1. Smiles. Big, small, straight, crooked, happy, warm, universal. 


1. Laughter. God’s medicine, life’s shock absorber, jogging on the inside, shortest distance between two people, sunshine for the soul. 


1. Any meal with friends is a blessing, but I got a big love for breakfast out with friends. The relaxed atmosphere. A great start to a new day. No clean up. Preferably right before a group ride.

1. Harry and Sally. Precious. Cuddly. Purring. Environmentally friendly heaters. 


1. Food. Love to cook it. Love to eat it. I am always thankful when enjoying a good meal.  So easy to take for granted, but a daily blessing none the less. 

1. Holidays and traditions. Comfy, shared moments in life.  

1. Yoga. I cannot express the beautiful physical and mental satisfaction I get from yoga.  You gotta try it! 


1. Road trips!! 

1. Racing. Pushing myself beyond what I thought were my limits. Seeing so many beautiful trails, forests, parks, etc. Amazing people and friends. 

1. Babies.  Preferably this one.  She’s 9 months already but I love this photo and the day she joined our family. 

She looks more like this nowadays..  RARRRR!


1. All four seasons and everything each has to offer.  Even the current 2010 snowmaggedon.


1. My friends and family.  The meaning to my life.  

If you made it this far please post a comment of one or a few of your favorite things.  I love the whole happy vibe this post has provided.  Good stuff.  

Warmest wishes, MJ 🙂


One response to this post.

  1. thanks for the props.
    your ten is sweeter than mine…

    looking forward to seeing you soon…



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