The OTB BALL & Race to Anyplace Report

How goes it, blog peeps!?  Excuse that gap of time since my last post, but I was walking along one day and managed to fall into this deep, deep hole in the ground and found some crazy magical place, with magical slacker potions, delicious slacker cakes (CAAAKE!), funny yet slacker talking animals and I think Johnny Depp was there.  They wanted me to rock it as their queen, but I was all “its been real people and you almost had me with the cakes, but I gotta bounce!”  So the blogging continues…

The OTB B.A.L.L. was a great, great time and success for the Pittsburgh BELLAs!!  Thank you so much for everyone that helped to make it happen!  Sponsors, friends and family!  We are so proud and thankful to have all of you be a part of it.  Next time you are looking for something to do or need to make a purchase please keep these companies in mind.  They helped us, so let’s help them.  Many, many thanks to…

OTB Bicycle Cafe  RULES!

Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History

Carnegie Science Center

Cheesecake Factory

Claddagh Irish Pub

East End Brewing

Hoffbrauhaus Pittsburgh

Heinz History Center

Pro Bikes


Trek of Pittsburgh

Vencenies Distributing

Venture Outdoors

The BELLAs are thrilled to have raise over $2000 for the Race to Anyplace benefit for Leukemia & Lymphoma and we are happy to report the LLS exceeded their own fundraising goal and reaching over $120,000 from the event!!  That  ruuuules!!!  We are so happy to have been a part of it all again.  Very good times.

Now the race..

Charlene (top left) could not be on the team this year due to mommyhood and finishing up nursing school (insert mad dancing to cotton eye joe like that dude at the Pens game on a 5 hour energy fix here!!) so we asked another local bad ass, Ryanne Palermo, if she would be interested to be on the team.  We also had our 5th rider, Kelly, who secretly comes back and forth across the border when needed for such events, but was unable to make it to the ball and for the photo above since it was a school night.  Bummer.

We gathered in the USX tower last Saturday morning and do our now 2nd annual prep.  Find the bike, swap out the pedals for clip ins, pick our rotation, eye up any competition and ride!  For anyone who is not sure what this race involves it is a six hour indoor bike race.  Teams can include up to 12 riders and must rotate every 15 minutes.  The lobby is filled with bikes, people, blaring music, raffle prizes, great cause, its truly an awesome event, for a terrific cause and great way to start out the new year reminding ourselves what its like to spike the heart rate and can really motivate us to get on a training schedule if not already.

We had a few goals for the day.  Beat our milage from last year, win the womens catagory and rock it out in the top 10 overall while we’re at it.  Last year we rode 196 miles,  got 2nd place womens and (I think) 11 or 12 place overall.  We were disappointed to quickly learn there were no other womens teams competing.  Where are the Lifeforce Ladies!? 😦  Shucks!  Having a strong competition always makes it more fun for the day, but that didnt slow us down or make it any easier.  We still had a few other goals to keep us focused.






After a few hours in and rotations through the whole team I noticed I was the slowest rider of the group.  Maaaan, I kind of expected that to happen (again!) but it doesnt make it any easier to see it in full effect.  Eh!  Fine!  Whatever! I’m fat! And slow! I dont care! I totally care! It doesnt matter!  It matters!  Stupid ass spin bikes!  You will never be cool!  Where’s my donut!?  Ok, ok, since I have done nothing (and I mean NADA!) to have earned a spot higher up on the speed chain, I was content giving it the best I could.. and duly noting this moment whenever I dont feel like training in the future.

As we approach the sixth hour and our final (4) 15-minute rides.  Hmm.. hey, BELLAs I was doing some simple math here and if someone needs to sit out this round and we’re really aiming for an overall good finish I’m guessing I should step out and let you faster girls have at it.  If I really wanted to ride again I do not think any of the girls would dispute it, but in all reality it made the most sense if we’re actually “racing” this gig, right!?  Right!  So as my teammates are rocking out another round of pain face I accepted my fate and put on my comfy nonrestricting jeans.  Heh heh!  Suckas!!  😉 

The race wraps up at 2pm and the BELLAs come to a stop at 212 miles. Oh yeah! And we later learned we finished up 8th overall!! Weeeeee!!  There were 76 teams total, with 45 of those teams on spin bikes.  The remaining teams were on airdynes which are a whole other kind of bike and race.  We are all complete exahusted and very happy with our performance for the day.  I hope we get the chance to do it again next year.  I love a good tradition!

GOOO BELLAs!!!   And MORE importantly God Bless LLS patients and families!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ryanne on March 8, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Not sure which made me laugh harder.. The opening dialogue or the picture sequence of “pain faces”. I do believe you should be authoring articles or books or something. I give it a 10!


  2. Posted by MJ on March 8, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    I thought you’d like those pics. It makes me LOL every time I scroll through them. Glad you like the write up and more glad you were able to join the team this year. What a blast! 🙂


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