Spring Thaw & MJ Randomness

Spring has sprung!  *tear*   Is it me or is this already the best Spring ever!?  Ok, so I’m slightly over zealous, but after such high levels of winter and cabin fever I think we’re all pretty overjoyed for the Spring scene, but I’m straight gitty people!  GITTY!!!   

Physical Therapy!  (Note: do not be intimidated by my big gun.  I come in peace.) I’m done baby!  Graduated!!  YEEESSS!  I’ve been feeling SO much better.  That stuff really works!  I knew my last appointment was approaching, but it wasnt until I was actually there and the doctor and assistants were acknowledging it and they gave me a tshirt.  I was so freaking happy it was stupid silly!  I walked out of there cheesey smiling and so thrilled that I’m better to the point the doc agrees!  Still have to be careful not to get carried away and tweak it.  No, no, let ME pick up that heavy box for you when I shouldnt even be over here. *owwie!* No, none of that!

So I just HAD to get a photo with my FAVorite PT ladies!  A BIG, big thank you to Renee, Chrissy and Dr. Stephanie for taking such good care of me AND being such good company during all my visits.  If you need any PT services I highly recommend Physical Rehabilitation Services in the North Hills.  5 stars!  Two Thumbs Up!  My kind of people!  And I know Chrissy is leaning over, but this picture makes me look taller.  That never happens!

Riding / Training!  I’ve finally been improving on my riding schedule with the new season as all my riding buds (and competitors!) are doing.  PT has been a weekly interference (but beyond worth it!)  My gym membership ends this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be playing outside a lot more.  More time on the bike has recently reminding my chub, I mean body, what it feels like to endurance ride.  Oh yeaaah, like that.  Ehh, that kinda hurts.. almost a lot.  Is my pain tolerance down or was it always like this?  Why do I?  I know, I know.. once I finish that first race with all my amazing race friends, beautiful trails, crazy energy, exhilarating feelings and all around bad ass vibe that the races always provide I’ll be hooked for another season.  Yeah, its pretty AWESOME!!

My niece!  The Worlds Cutest Baby in THE WORLD!  (Note: Thanks Nationwide.  I may not buy your insurance, but you have provided me a tag line that I currently try to use on a daily basis with all aspects of life.)  Of course the photo is blurry.  She’s awake and in that non stop motion that babies do… like blinking or breathing for adults.  Now if  you dont think this (even blurry) picture is adorable then you can just.. thats just ridiculous to even type!  Happy babies rule!

Got Grill!  I bought my first grill ever!  (It’s the little things, ya know?) Bought it at the end of last season for a sweet sale price and now I’m finally ready to assemble it.  I felt slightly overwhelmed as I unpacked everything.  Didnt expect that many pieces to come out of the box.  I officially declare this photo PHASE ONE!  Wish me luck.. or dont.  Whatev!  I’m hoping to have it completely assembled and actually  cook something by Labor Day!  (yeah, I know thats the September holiday)  Ok, Ok, by Memorial Day!  YEAH! 

That’s all I got, yo!  Thanks for stopping by The WORLDS Best Blog in the WORLD! 

Go ride a bike!


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