OMBC1 Mohican Wilderness

Ahhhh racing.  Long time no see.  The memories all came rushing back to me in the form of a stinky, sweaty, gasping, lactic acid overloadin, God have mercy, painful truth.  Ow.  I felt uprepared for this one, expected it to hurt lots, expected my friends to open a can of whoop ass, but it just still doesnt make it any easier when you roll in last place and your friends are already changed and downin a brew.  Seriously!?  Yeah, seriously. 

I was intending to hit up the WVMBA1 Big Bear xc race for weeks until this past Friday when my fellow BELLAs talked me into.. no.. begged.. no, no.. tricked.. or possibly drugged me..  yeah.. into going to Mohican instead.  A course that should have the tag line, “Prepare to Climb, Bitches!”   I had my plush and oh so cushy full suspension ready to carry me all over the big bear rocks and instead I head to a climb fest with my climbing legs still on winter hiatus.  They said they missed their flight, luggage lost, I’m pretty sure they did it on purpose.  Effn slackers.  

When I got word that Amanda, Heidi and Kelly were planning to be there also I was pretty excited for such a great line up of ladies for the first race of the season!   Also to get an idea where I fit in the mix of them all, which is now obviously behind them, furthest, farthest, utmost, hindmost, rearmost, endmost, outermost, latest, LAST!  Yeah, I’m over it.  Almost.

I know I’ve said it before, but let’s be serious, if I raced to win I would have bagged this scene what is now 7 seasons ago.  Only one rider gets to take first and as nice as it feels to rock that out on occasion the overall reasoning behind my love for this madness has been everything but that I suppose.  Road trips with awesome friends and rocking out to some sweet tunes.  Yeah, I will hit a serious high note on occasion.  (you’ve been warned)  Arriving to the hussle of the pre-race preppin and fellow racing fanatics.  Getting all racer’d up!  Maybe only half of us know what the heck we’re doing, but when we’re all lined up at the start line we look terrific!  Worrrrd!  Sharing so many amazing times and stories with some of the coolest people I will ever meet, which is solely due to the love and affection of our two wheeled machines.  Realizing what I can actually accomplish when I put my mind and legs to it.  Being proud of myself and my friends when they school me (again and again).  Driving home and snagging a cup of coffee at a Marathon gas station only to realize we accidentally found the World’s best cup of coffee.. in the World!! 

This course had the expert ladies doing (3) 8.5 mile laps of some of the longest climbs in the OMBC series, a short lived but really sweet rock garden and some fun twisty singletrack.  I almost endo’d at one point.  My upper body went just that little bit too far over the bars and for a brief moment I had to exert ALL possible energy to my hands and forearms, fight that pesky law of gravity and actually managed to keep my weight back where it was supposed to be.  A brief “oh shit” turned into a sweet “oh yeah”.   Constant little victories of clearing an obstacle, not eatting dirt and keeping the rubber side down. Then we gather up after the race and sharing all the crazy moments, laughing, making fun and giving props to the small group of ladies who I can say completely understand me and why I do this.  My awesome friends, peers and mentors.  I love all of them and you can be damn sure I’m going to be working harder trying to catch them at the next one!  Looking forward to it!  Cheers! 🙂

(Kelly, Amanda, MJ, Lauren, Heidi, Lee-Ann, Lindsey)


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  1. Great perspective on the race and racing. I too would have given up ages ago if it was just about winning. Also, I am also fooled into road trip coffee purchases. However in my case it’s McDonalds. “premium” my ass.

    Good luck.



    • Posted by MJ on April 22, 2010 at 10:00 am

      Hi Jason! Thanks for stopping by! I’m headng out of town next week and have my XXC issue ready and waiting. Intend to read it cover to cover during my travels. Leaving the bikes at home for this one, but I’ll be reading, thinking and dreaming about them as usual. Cheers and good luck as well! 🙂


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