Earth Day Commute

I like the word “EARTH” and any opportunities to use it.  I love EARTH Day!  I love Mother EARTH!  SAVE the EARTH!  I live on planet EARTH!  Ok, now the word doesnt look right to me anymore.  So in honor of our beautiful.. uh.. planet I decided to ride my bike to the office on Thursday.  I’d love to say I do that all the time, but that just doesnt happen in my world.  More often than not I have my mountain bike safely tucked away in my gas guzzlin’ vehicle so I can head straight to the woods after a long day of office madness.  Thursday A.M. I got all my parts and pieces together and headed out for the 15ish mile ride.  I could be more specific with my mileage if my garmin wasnt rocking out another unwelcomed game of hide-n-seek with me.  Alright already!  You win!  Show yourself!

The ride in was great.  Chilly down hills, sweaty uphills.  Only one jack ass at the corner of 2nd and Greenfield Avenue.  I straight yelled “What?  Asshole!” It felt good and I’d do it again!!  Any jerk off that thinks they can TRY and intimidate a bike rider while tucked away in their 2 ton vehicle needs a serious punch in the FACE!!  (You really gotta emphasize FACE to get the true effect.)  I continued on and thoroughly enjoyed my morning in compared to most days. 

Now the reason I felt this post was even blog worthy was my ride home.  I’m looking forward to the ride as usual.  Scheduled a pit stop in town to help a coworker out and save him a drive to the office, so I’ll claim that as another vehicle off the road for at least a little bit.  So I work my way back to the jail trail to roll into town and I’m cruising along enjoy the ride.. enjoying LIFE!  YEAH!   And wouldnt ya know some dude in a tshirt, khaki shorts, flat pedals, at least a 30 year old schwinn with an evidently ungreased chain comes barreling past me blowing my doors off.  At first I think “hey, I’m just cruisin enjoyin life, yo!” and about 20 seconds later I think “crap!  cant ignore!  Must catch and pass khaki shorts dude!”  *clickclickclick*  I lean down into my drops, put a stink eye on the khaki’s and started haulin ass.  I was on my cross bike with full fenders because they were calling for showers later in the afternoon.  Still proud of myself that I packed some additional rain gear thinking I’d have a soggy ride home but it was pretty much gorgeous and perfect out.  That’ll work.  I rather carry the extra than not have the right stuff with me.  I digress.. I’m in one of the hardest gears the Presidio allows and maintain my new and improved pace.  I’m thinking.. “i got this” and keep my head down and my cadence up. 

I’m not sure how far away he was from me but he had a nice gap.  I would have SWORE I was closing it to.  You see where I’m going with this?  As we reach and start passing MetalTech the path opens up along side the parkway and the head winds worsen..yeah, if I didnt know any better I’d swear that front fender may as well be a full size parachute off the back of me because all of a sudden it felt like I was going nowhere people!!  *GASP*  NO WHERE!!


I gear down one or two and try to maintain speed!  Khaki shorts jerk (yeah, he’s now a big jerk) still seems about the same not so close distance from me and I’m caving.  Legs and lungs burnin.  All I can focus on is the huge yet non existent parachute I’m pulling behind me.  I think some old dude passing from the other direction shouts  “he’s totally schoolin your ass”.   Someone in the parkway traffic jam might have just tossed me a big L on their forehead.   What the..  I maintain my not fast enough speed and once I reach the parking lot adjacent to the jail I lay off the gas.  He’s gone and I have just lost my very own make believe, I did not have to do that to myself, but yeah I did, wanna be race.. and lost.  Hmm. 

A lesson learned here?  Um.. dont judge a book by its cover?  I suppose.  Dont race a road bike on a cross?  I like that better.  Start the race as SOON as he passes you!  Getting warmer!  CATCH HIM NEXT TIME!? YES!!


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