OMBC2 Grassman Report

I just knew it was going to be a great day when Lee-Ann and I accidentally found the largest rice krispie “treat sheet” in the world!  No, we didnt buy and gorge on it, but I would bet my pinky toe that if Lauren was there it would have been purchased.  Heehee! We first discussed it being a bad ass prime, but soon concluded its totally podium worthy.  The shiniest AND most delicious trophy you’d ever get! 

The OMBC hosted its first Grassman XC race this weekend.  I always dig checking out new trails and they were not too far from home either (about 2.5 hours).  Excellent combo.  The weather was clear and dry through Saturday night, but all Sunday morning and most of the drive over involved some serious steady rainage.  Spring mountain biking in effect.  Whatev!  We are so there!  

Now a few necessary props and thank yous.  Why do acknowledgements always get tucked in last?  First and foremost American Electric Power, who reclaimed the land and mac’d it out for our cycling pleasure! (Click the link for details! Way cool.)  Second, the Applalacia Outdoor Adventure (AOA) Club and specifically Dave Ruble for creating the Grassman’s wonderfully awesome trails.  Not one, but TWO thumbs up!  Third, all the volunteers who helped put the race on including the local Boy Scout Troop (little men in little uniforms.  adorable!) and a final big THANK YOU to Al Prososki, who provided me with an additional water bottle and helped me swap them out during the race.  It really is wonderful to have friends willing to help and alleviate some logistical stress during a race.  Thank you Al! 🙂

We raced!  LA, Betsy, Amanda, Heidi and myself.  The woods were beautiful and bright green!   The trails were slick and rooty, but not obnoxiously muddy as expected.  I thoroughly enjoyed the twisty trails and continous testing of slippin skills.  I am proud to say I cleared the whole course rubber side down.  I didnt get my heart rate up all that much throughout the ride more focused on keeping myself upright, but I had such a freaking blast!  Grassman, you had me at “go!”

After two races this season I have quickly recalled how much I thoroughly, immensely, yeah seriously, enjoy starting before the Sport guys.  Way less traffic to deal with at the start line and into the single track and far less contention to pass guys who I evidently can pass but they dont want to allow it.  I appreciate that EVERY race.  Then it usually doesnt take too long for the fastest boys to catch right up and start passing us and this continues throughout the race.  Most passes can go smoothly and fairly unnoticed, but I just cannot get over the lack of understanding and smooth operation this simple task has taken with so many riders already this season.   An example..

Sport dude:  Can I get by when you get a minute?

MJ:  You can get by whenever you get a chance dude.  I’m not stopping for you.. silly goose.

Sport dude:  Oh, ok.  (moments later)  I’m going to pass now!

MJ:  Which side!?  I meant you to call out which side.  It’ll help us both out.. gosh!

Sport dude:  Left!  I’m going left now!

MJ:  Have at it. 

*Sport dude is already maxed out for however long just dying to get around me, tries to rail threw the brush, and eats it on a root.  I see nothing, but merely hear the carnage.. as I pedal away from him.*

MJ:  🙂

The last thing I want to do is ever hold up anyone else who is evidently faster than me and obviously not in my field/race anyway, HOWEVER, just because you caught me does not mean I do not have equivalent or possibly more experience and skills on the technical section coming up.  If I just know (totally bet the pinky toe kinda know) that you are so not going to clear what is ahead I just might not assist in the pass RIGHT away (how do I know this?  A combo platter of hearing the rider is maxed out including, but not limited to, heniously heavy breathing and/or gasping of air and bike skills sounding as graceful as a garbage truck compacting the neighborhood trash. yeah, like that.)..  AND.. maybe you caught and pass me, but if you were trying my race distance maybe you’d be starting at my pace too, so give me/us a little credit.

Racers, Let us share the trails, enjoy and respect our segregated races.  Please call your side when you are going to pass and please do not ever think another rider should ever slow down or EVER stop for you (which an expert rider expected of me at Mohican.. yeah, dude I’ll stop racing for you. NOT. Asshole.)  Can’t we all just get along?  I do mean all of this in the kindest regard (except for the asshole comment.. which we were climbing narrow single track, in the third lap, he was not chasing anyone, and the podium guys were long finished..  if you cant expertly get around me it is simply not my problem and you can pass me at the top, thanks.), but it genuinely seems like a lot of these guys are not too sure what they are doing out there in this scenerio.  A little communication and respect can go a long way.

For every racer that reads and truly understands what I am saying a broken chain somewhere gets a quick link!  Cheers and happy trails… 🙂


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