Pedal Pale Ale: Keg Ride 2010

What started out as a nice and normal sized group ride with 15 people just five years ago turned into one of the largest and coolest Pittsburgh group rides EVER last year with 500, yeah I said FIVE HUNDRED, fun loving biker buds cruising across town to make one very special delivery!  If you think the occasion driver gets jacked off at the occasional bicyclist taking up too much of the lane, take a guess what some people might think when FIVE HUNDRED cyclists cruise across town, blocking the green light, taking their time, laughing, smiling and LOVING LIFE!  If you want to be a part of the cool crowd (and not the driver wishing you were) plan to be at the East End Brewery this Friday night between 6-7pm!  A Pittsburgh event not to be missed!!!  Yeah, SERIOUSLY!!  Click here for details.


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