My Month of May

Where the heck is May!?  I thought it was here, but like my friends right after the race director says “GO!” its gone and I’m standin around scratching my mellon.  Lots of sweet riding and events have been had.  The MJ clif notes:

1. The Keg Ride.  SEVEN freaking HUNdred people showed up!  Where did you people come from!?  I really love the blissful joyous cycling is great vibe provided by this event. Follow the keg, slow as possible for the most part, civilians look on curious, smiling and waving, drivers honking and pissed while stuck at their own green lights (HILarious!), bike bells galore, lots of crazy ass old school bikes, lots of crazy ass old friends.  It was grand.

2. The Mayhem Tour. I met up with Amanda Sprout for the Appalachia Outdoor Adventures Muskingum Mayhem tour around The Wilds and AEP trails.  The weather could not have been more perfect!  I sa-wear at times parts of Ohio straight looked all wild and African safari-ish. Seriously!  We did not rock it out along side any gazelles, but  it was still a totally bad ass ride!  All proceeds go to benefit the trails.  There was a great turn out of riders for the day and they had the most amaza-za-zing lunch for us afterwards.  (Note: the way to my heart is in fact through my belly.)  My hat is still off to the chef’s!!  We did spot some ticks at the picnic table and even though I ate pacing around constantly scanning myself, I thoroughly enjoyed every bite!  I totally recommend this event and hope to do it again. Note: Amanda and I discussed getting a picture taken together at least a half dozen times, but never did.  Picture fail!

3. The Pedal Pittsburgh.  I missed the OMBC Wilds race due to some knee issues, but staying off the bike would be downright silly, so I headed out for the Pedal Pittsburgh for the first time in years!  (always seem to be away for races)  I am seriously impressed with how majorly large scale and organized they have this event!  Mucho Kudos CDCP!  I headed out by myself figuring I’d run into somebody I knew and I did.  Instantly found a bud to tag along with (Cheers Matta!), and soon after we started I spotted my girl Sharon (love ya!), who I never get to see enough.  We road together for a few miles until the 25/50 mile split, which arrived fairly quickly.  At least I was responsible enough to do the shorter course, right!?  Come on Mom!  You gotta give me that! 

4. The 10th Annual Venture Outdoors Festival.  I was able to help at the Velomuse Kid Bike Rodeo gig during the festival this past weekend.  As I yielded into town there were people in yellow tshirts buzzing ALL over the place.  I’m thinking it GOTTA be tied into Venture Outdoors, right?  Wrong!  A local jewlery shop was rocking out a DIAMOND DASH and hid a $15,000 ring somewhere in town!  Wowsa!!   All the riders were evidently couples and ALL the women were noticably in front leading.  Like getting between a mother bear and her cub..  do not accidentally find yourself in the middle.. if you value your life.  I found a parking space, dodged and weaved my way to the Point and slid into the Velomuse tent like it was home plate!  Safe!

The rodeo (no studly cowboys included.. bummer) had an impressive number of kids showed up with the unpredictable wet weather.  I accidentally never made it over to the rodeo/obstacles and kicked it at the sign up tent the entire time, but I had a great time talking with everyone.  I met Tom, the Owner of the Golden Triangle, who was NOT the original owner years ago and did not botch up your riding plans back in 2003 when the shop was closed.  Just sayin.  And the infamous, Seth with VO was hanging at the PORC tent right beside me, who I will forever ask him to imitate the boy scouts every time I see him now.. and try not to spit all over me.  He had me rollin.

5. Bike to Work Week / Day.  Holy crap I suck for failing to promote the awesomely awesome nationwide props to cycling!  Who am I!?  The actual “bike to work day” was Friday the 21st and you best believe I biked to work!  Neither snow or sleet or gloom of night would keep me off my bike that day!  Its in my blood.  Seriously, I went to the doc and they can actually see little bicycles circulating with my blood cells, which evidently do not assist in my performance.  

On my way to work I spotted this billboard.  I was way proud to see our Car Free Fridays promoted on the parkway!  Yeah Pittsburgh!!  Not sure if it’s legible or will open larger, but it says “LEAVE YOUR CAR AND ITS COSTS ON FRIDAYS!”  I love it!!

6. Memorial Day Weekend already!  This summer is sooo gonna fly by!  Keep those trays upright and fasten your seatbelts!!  My mom and I are going to go visit my bro in D.C.  I love me a road trip!  I plan to be back for Monday though and hope to tag team some trails and paddle in a river somewhere to kick off summer!!  Good medicine.  Good times.  Have a great and safe holiday weekend!  Make sure you take some time and go ride a bike.  Its good, good stuff I tell ya!  Cheers! 🙂


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