Storm Chaser

So I get home Wednesday and just NEED to go for a ride.  The last few days have accrued enough frustration I may as well had a piece of hubba bubba in my hair.  I change, gather my things, roll out front and THEN take notice to the threatening skies.  Hmm.. after about 5 seconds I knew I had no other choice but to ride.  I’d be miserabllllle for the rest of the night if I didnt let out some steam.  Biking truly balances the madness in my life.  The harder the day the harder the ride.  Frustrated at the start.. never at the end.  Good stuff. 

I start out without much thought.  After a few blocks the skies were so gloomy dark that I turned around and decided to try a new route just to keep moving.  Hopefully get at least an hour in before the sky lets loose.  I have a big oval loop in mind.  Something I can commit to and not short cut home too soon.  Once I have my route in mind I instantly pick up my pace feeling kind of a race in me to beat the rain!  Its go time

Not only do I feel good I’m feeling great!  I’ve been battling old age and creaky joints (i’m stocking up on WD40 and hoping for the best) so I am instantly reaching euphoria, feeling this ride could be legendary before its over!   I’m working my way over into the Sewickley area.  When I reach Mt. Nebo road and intend to head left over top I79, but the skies are so creepy that I figure maybe I should stay closer to home in case it gets too torrential to even ride.  With the weather lately that was definitely possible.  I head right instead, down the hill, superbly fast paced and decide to take a left at the bottom and keep expanding my route.  I make the turn but as soon as I get into a rhythm I look up and directly into the storm!  It downright could have been The Nothing from The Neverending Story!   Then I would have swore I heard the little princess say “Say my name MJ. Just say my name!”  What the !!  I strike a u-turn and maintain closer to home. 

Next option / intersection quickly approaches.  I could continue straight for straight home, left to expand again.. I turn left.  Tee Hee!  I’m totally enjoying myself and rolling right along the outskirts of The Nothing.  Pushing it for sure.  I climb up, up, up to the next intersection and I listen to claps of thunder like something out of Jurassic Park!  Seriously loud and intimidating.  Or better yet I’ll stick with the same movie. * do-over* I would have swore the thunder sounded like the freaking Rock Biter munching on his dinner apps!   Holy!  Ok, Ok, you win that one!  I reach the top and turn onto Reiss Run, which is awesomely fast and open and rolling.  I left a lot of this stretch.. imagining the rock biter chasing me down, of course.  He might be slow but he got some crazy long strides! 

I reach Sir Pizza.  Right turn for the shorter route home, so I head straight up the hill.  to keep my now clover leaf forming route going.  I feel like I got some distance on the storm, so I cross over Perrysville and head down to Babcock, extending the ride a little more.  This is fun!   Babcock is a false flat working in my favor and I am in the drops, balls to the walls, rocking it out.   It feels AWESOME!!  I just have NOT been riding like this lately with the knee acting all old and uncooperative.  Boy, I needed this!!   I decide to bag the final big climb and take the slightly longer but much flatter route back into my hood.  I approach and round the next turn onto Rochester and holy mother of all creepy batman skies!!  Directly in front of me.  In between me and my final stretch home.  AW YEAH! It aint raining on me yet, so I maintain my race pace (to me anyway) back into my neighborhood.   I reach a main intersection and get the light.  Blurg!  This is by far one of the longest lights around with three different intersections wrapped up into one.  Hmmfph!  I tuck in line.  Some woman walking across the street suggests I get home before the storm.  Yeah, I’m headed there now, thanks.  She comes back across with pizza box in hand and wishes me luck.  Just want to point out the length of this light again.  It turns green.  I go. 

As soon as I get through the intersection I feel that one, initial drop on my arm.  I look down and spot it.  Its about that time.  I try to maintain a decent pace up the gradual climb approaching home.  All of a sudden I can hear the loud rain and see it hitting the ground, but I’m not really feeling it.  The drops are SO BIG I’m straight weaving my way through them! HA!  I make it several blocks like this totally amused with this scenerio.   I’m down to the final stretch home.  ETA approximately 2 minutes.. tops.. and the skies let loose!!   The drops are HUGE.  The rain is heavy and fast!  I pull up to my back door, totally soaked, totally smiling and actually disappointed I was so responsible and home already!  haha!  Warm summer rain rules.  This ride is currently one of my favorites of the year.  🙂

For those that grew up with this movie I just found this on youtube searching for some pictures.  I’ll forever love this movie and song.. I’m not ashamed to admit it!  Pretty bad ass for its time in my book… and I was just totally surprised seeing that singer is a dude.  Never knew that.  (if it reads disabled you should be able to open it in youtube if you want).


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  1. Great writing, felt like I was there!


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