The WD40 aint working. I need a doctor.

* I carry the litter box over, plop it on its side and stand on it.. once again*

I, Michelle Johnson, have tendonitis in my knee.  (it takes me a while to accept booboo’s, so this is a big deal)  I expected it to take a little longer than my 32nd year of life to start the downward spiral of health/joint issues, but anything is possible I suppose.  I had my first knee pain on May 8, 2010.  I remember it well.  A gathering of awesome friends (Joanna, Chris, Heidi & Brian) and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon ride through the Laurel Mountains when I had an unexpected and quite random pain in my right knee.  We are cruising along on a fairly flat to slight downgrade, non-technical trail when I first felt it.  It was SO random that I thought nothing of it and assumed it to be a fluke and I would shake it out later, but later that night I was surprised when the action of randomly getting up and down from the seated position (sofa, toilet, whatev) that the pain remained fairly sharp and I had to lighten up on that foot into the next day.  Then I felt slightly (just a smidge) concerned then thinking I dont know what I said or did to piss it off, but hopefully we would talk it out on the drive home and all is well with the world.  Not the case.

Its approaching a month now and what seemed to be a minor owwie has now turned into a definitely no racing, barely climbing hills, stop me in mid pedal stroke knee pain so I am (hesitation)… *sniff, sniff*… *clearing of the throat* on racing hiatus until further notice!  *hands over mouth*  I cant believe I just said that!  *tear* 

My mechanic noticed my right pedal on my hard tail was loose and sliding left-to-right.  I’m assuming that GOTTA be the reason, since I’ve been riding solid since the effn late 90’s and never had an issue like this before (I am not counting my elbow tendonitis this year because I know exactly how I did that and even though it super sucked it did not impede my riding).  I got the pedal swapped out right then but the damage is done.  *sniffle.. sniff*  😦    I went to the doc almost two weeks ago today and he figured its tendonitis and the first prescription is to borderline o.d. on some i.b. profen and ice the crap out of it.  I’ve been doing just that, but after my aggressive rides last week (including the storm chaser.. maybe not the best idea, but a blast nonetheless) its been non-stop aching/hurting.  Blurg!  I got an ortho appt set up next week, but until them my riding reports if not non-existent may only consist of rails-to-trails, looping north park lake or my city block.  Ho freaking hum.

So my summer agenda is temporarily snaffled, but I believe things happen for a reason.  I gotta make the most of it, appreciate that its ONLY tendonitis and nothing worse  (TBD actually) and can still enjoy riding and promoting riding, just not attempting my (so called) LUDICRIOUS SPEEDS anytime soon.  See you out there.  You aint rid of me yet!!  😉


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