Ladies Summer Solstice Gala Road Ride

As long as my knee isnt a complete disaster I am looking forward to some casual riding fun!  I kneed it!! (har har!)  I have no clue what I could make for the craftswap, so hopefully I’ll think  of something.  Here is the Velomuse details:

When:  THIS FRIDAY, June 18th

Time:  6-8pm

Start:  T.O.P. Shadyside Store

Finish: Tazza D’Oro Cafe

Why:  As a part of Car Free Fridays

Who:  THE LADIES!!   

For the adventurous woman, racer chic, grocery toting mom, college commuter lady, and bicycle polo playing playing grrl. Tired of the boys’ club? Just interested in a different kind of ride? Trying to find your riding style or encourage someone else to ride? Anything goes… just bring something handmade and gift-wrapped for the craftswap at the end, where we’ll finish a casual, chatting pace cruise around East Liberty.


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  1. […] Bike Pittsburgh interviews Velomuse founder, Eryn Hughes, about this ride and program details., and Michelle Johnson helps us connect the dots in the cycling community. 11:15 am | erynhughes | Tags: Bike Arts, craft swap, goddess party, ladies cycling, women […]


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