New Game Plan

 Alright!  So I gotta little knee issue.  Whatev!  I’ve finally managed to get my head back on straight again and have pulled myself out of the depths of this debbie downer bull shit I’ve been dwelling in for the last week or so.  Man, was that lame!  I finally hit up an orthopedic doc, but besides him totally not being cool, he left me feeling just as stressed as when I went in there.  That sucked.  So I called up my boy Matt Tinkey (Athletic Trainer at UPMC Sports Medicine) and asked if he can take a look and help me out.. and he did!  Thanks Matt!!  I officially do NOT have tendonitis in the knee!  That rules!!  Its gotta be about as close of a 2nd place runner up (or 1st place loser, whichever you prefer) as its going to get though.  Same friggin symptoms.  Blahblahblah.   BUT no PT!  That deserves a great, big happy dance!!  Done.

I have up’d my anti-inflammatory scene to Aleve.  I’m continuing to ice it every time I think of it… while at home.. where the ice pak is located.  Its that timing thing that gets me.  And (trumpets please) I bought one of those henious foam rollers!!  HOLY MOTHER OF ALL PAINFUL OVERPRICED PIECES OF FOAM!!  I have yet to be able to lay my body weight on it a full 100%.  Probably only giving it a solid 87%  I cant help it!  I’m pretty much instantly nauseated it hurts so bad.  I see the potential of that going away, but I got a long way to go.  So yeah, I’m a little tight.  I’m also working on re-evaluating my fit on all of my bikes.  Its not that simple since I own and ride 5 different bikes (yeah, baby, yeah!!), but it is officially a work in progress. 

This summer has been beyond different for me.  I usually dive into the race season head first (no pun intended) and tend to hit my seasonal wall around early August.  By the time our Pittsburgh Month of Mud series rolls around I’m completely burned out and racing becomes strictly for fun.  Always a goal on the list, but by then it becomes the only goal.  Since I feel totally back to square one I am hoping to get somewhat of a decent fitness level back in July and hopefully be up and running normally as the Fall, Month of Mud and Cross races get underway.  I never thought I’d get too into Cross because its so late in the season, so maybe this could be my inaugural year into this infamous racing world I hear so much about.  Who knows!!  As long as my elbow can hang.. holy crap I’m a disaster.  32 going on… the golden girls!! 

Also I intended to do the Six Hours of Power this year and attempt to hold my “overall female” title, but that’s evidently not going to happen, so I am trying to talk LA into doing it duo with me so we can just have some freaking fun!!  It is SUCH a great race!  If your schedule permits I highly recommend it.  Mark (Heart Rate Up) does an AWESOME job with this race every year!  I have just a few weeks, so its hopefully my next attainable goal of the race season now.  I need to be smart and ramp back up into my training again.  Hope I can attend, actually race and not hurt or embarrass myself.

I’ve been so in love with endurance racing the last few years, I’m looking forward to shorter and more intense training (a lot easier on the schedule thats for sure) and going for the remainder of the xc scene this season.  If all goes well maybe I can represent the Burgh again at the Iceman too and aim for a respectable finish amongst the pro/expert ladies!  I LOVE tryin!!  I’m crazy excited and hopeful to get started again.  I’ve been kinda lost without it and I totally miss my racin peeps!!  See you out there!! 🙂


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  1. nice write up, very creative.


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