Fall Love is in the Air

I rode my bike tonight and it was RAD!  Maybe it was good timing with the Aleve or the chants and potions are working!  I met up with my Thursday night posse (I will leave their names out to protect the innocent.  Just kidding it was Aaron and John).  Its been a few weeks since I’ve seen them.  They usually let me lead since they are tuckered out from the Wednesday night crit madness.  I was worried to lead tonight not wanting to overdo it out front.  I am a much better follower (says my race results.. har har).   About 15 or so minutes into the ride I give a shout to Aaron that “I feel rusty” and he quickly replies “I can tell!”  LOL!  I can tell too though.  It doesnt take too long out of the trails to lose that luster and it can take a few extra meet-n-greets to get that BFF status back.  I’m okay with that and I started feeling like my old self before the ride was even over. 

Night time showed up a little quicker tonight and we got to rock out our lights for the first ride tonight!  I LOVE NIGHT RIDING!!  Holy crap is it fun!   The air felt cleaner.  A little crisper.  The trails were fast.  I wasnt.  I didnt crash though.  Thank heavens!  My knee took a chill pill for the night and we ran into a few familiar and friendly faces out there too!  My favorite Palermo crew is back from vaca!  I love your vibe guys!  And a quick passer by of the infamous Timmy Heck and Brian Parker.  Man, it was so nice to see everyone!  Oh yeah, cant forget about Angry Andy!  A rare sighting for me no doubt and included on the list of familiar and friendly faces.  I’ve personally never made him angry.  I dont think!  haha! 

I’m so excited for Fall!  I may (or may not) give Cross a try.  I cant wait for Fall festivals.  Apples.  Pumpkins.  Halloween.  Flannel.  My down comforter.  The Month of Mud.  Sunday group breakfasts and rides to commense at some point.  Oh, how I love them so!  A weekly night ride or two maintains all winter.  MORE YOGA!  And last, but most importantly I seriously hope and pray my job calms the f**k down!  I failed to acknowledge that another disasterous part of my failed race season is to blame on my henious work schedule this year.  Many a times when I have had time to ride I accidentally started a bad habit of walking in my front door and falling face first on my sofa (particularly on two majorly awesome chenille pillows that I got from Target for like $19.99 or less.. that just might be covered in poppy seed sleepy dust from the Wizard of Oz), where I pass out for an undetermined amount of time.  Its a habit I hope to break soon.  

We have another Monday night ladies ride coming up.  Hope to see more of you out there this coming week!  Cheers!


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