WVMBA Henry Clay / Coopers ROCK!

Every single time I go down to West Virginia I question why I do not go there more often.  When everyone talks about favorite trails and going to far away places.. uhh.. whatever!  I’m straight packing up and heading to I-68 cuz some of my favorite rock infested, green and gorgeous, knock my socks off, and maybe a shoe, most spectacular, bestest, wild and wonderful, yeah I could keep going, favorite places to ride is not far from home at all.  AHHH YEAHH!!   A summary of my day...

1. Its been years since I’ve been down to Coopers.  All I could remember was it was going to be rocky, which is my favorite kind of fun.  Update:  its rocky and way fun.

1. WVMBA has a most fabulous vibe unlike any other series.  I constantly stray and go other places, but every time I go to WV it feels right and I feel most at home there.  

1. There was a nice turn out of ladies!  I think 10 experts!  That rules.

1.  Experts did 20 miles. Sport did 15.  My only goal for the day was to finish the race riding my bike. Hopefully no DNF. Hopefully not have to walk out of the woods.

1. I brought my full suspension out of retirement. I’ve been getting my ass kicked enough I dont know what took me so long.  Holy shit that bike freaking rules!  Eatting up the downhills, launching off rocks, rolling over the log piles, all of it was so, so, so fun!  Huge stupid smiles all day.  Pictures forthcoming.  I was like a jack ass chewin’ on barbed wire, people!!  SO happy to be there and loving every minute of it.

1. I maintained a crazy ass spin (for me) for all the climbs to keep it easy on my knee.  My hard tail is a 2×9.  Full Suspension has a granny.   I managed to jam my chain 3 or even 4 times getting reaquainted with the set up.  Doh!  Yes, I do know how to ride a bike.  I sa-wear.

1.  Riding rocks and riding easy is like oil and water.

1. I road most of the course with Tricia.  We just met.  It was her first expert race.  Awesome.  Once we were climbing that crazy ass long (I think the Rail Grade Trail?) she pointed out that the Experts get to do it twice.  Eh.  I’m out.  My knee was okay but brewing.  I think if I attempted to do that twice my knee would have been screaming blood murder just despite me.  I feel older and wiser today.

1. We reached the split and Tricia stuck to her plans and headed back out to complete the expert mileage.  Worrd!  I, however, opted for the left turn Sport option and headed in with a DNF on my horizon.  I really wanted to stay out there and with all the spinning I was not that fatigued (nothing like how I normally feel “racing”) but I have some sweet racing plans for next weekend.  It wasnt worth it.  I totally took my time riding in.  Seriously enjoying it.  The sights.  The smells.  I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME, DNF and all!  I hope everyone did.

1. I did not have to poop on trail and use any of my bike gear to wipe my ass.  Just sayin.

Thanks to Joanna for carpooling with me.  Jo, you are always a blast my friend!  Always.  Props to everyone who rocked out the course today.  I did not know it was going to be such a scorcher!  Major props to all the ladies ripping it up.  Cassie.  Sue.  Mandi.  Betsy.  Jo.  Laurie.  Dana.  Tricia.  I will list all of them once I see the results.  My bad.  Lastly, Thanks to Gunnar, Betsy, WVMBA and all the many sponsors who help make such spectacular events and days in my life possible.  Cheers! 🙂


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