Girls Rule Boys Drool Rides Gain Momentum

So I’ve been working waaaaay to much, ya see!  I barely see my friends, my family, my blog, my bikes, however, ever since the Womens 101 gig we had a month or so ago I’ve been putting forth much effort to at least try and attend the weekly “GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL” ride Eryn Hughes and I initiated since then.  I’m pretty stoked for the response so far and thinks this could maintain through Fall.. at least!  I’m in if your in!  LET’S DO THIS!

Now the icing on this weekly cake is initiating some post ride eats and treats at a local hot dog and six pack shop!  YES!!  A most excellent Life really IS Good weekly itinerary that should help my sanity immensely.  Seriously.

I am unable to attend this coming Monday (due to some awesome circumstances that I am running away from home for a long weekend of bad ass, hard earned fun! YEAH, BABY, YEAH!!) but the ride will remain as scheduled!! 

Bennett, Take care of her and she’ll take care of you (that would be my borrowed bike).

Stacie/Alicia, Be one with the bridge! 

Donna/Greta, let’s get you some mtb bikes! 

Girls, see you all in two weeks!  Looking forward to it. 🙂


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