Fall Foliage / APCXS#1 / Month of Mud #3

I had a most fabulous mountain bike ride tonight.  The recent rain has made the dusty dry trails perfectly damp and tacky.  I was impressed with how colorful the trails were already too.  I’m curious how long it will last or if an abundance of rain will pull it all down too soon.  My fingers are crossed for a completely colorful October.  Oh, how it completes my Western Pennsylvanian world.   I am head over heels in love with Autumn and all that it offers.

My fitness level is SO painful low these days.  A simple fact yet always difficult to accept.  I can barely hang with a week night ride, so what better idea to have than consider a few cross races this weekend!  I cant help but ponder the idea until race day and then I will probably think “nahhhh” and roll back over.   Most normal people would accept their fitness level and not attempt any races at this time, but I am quickly reminded of all my YEARS of experience of out of shape, lack of shape, lack of skills, constantly last place kind of racing.  This combo platter does not deter me (obviously), its just the whole motivation vs. laziness battle I will have race morning that will make my final decision.  If I dont race though I still want to go and cheer on my crazy friends.  Cross races are THEE bestest option as a cycling spectator!  I shall find any and all cow bells and hoot and hollar like the true fan that I am!!   This weekends options for you local cross junkies:

Kick off Cross = APCXS #1, Waynesburg, PA 

Month of Mud Cyclocross, Grove City, PA

Go, race, bike, run, jump, eat the mud, hear the cow bell, love the madness, pick up your pace, be one with the course and your done.  Just like that.


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