Grove City Cyclocross / APCXS#1

Note to self:  Take the full fenders off next time.  At least I kept my commuter frog light on and was smart (and safe!) enough to put the blinky red light on at the start line.  A nice cautionary notice to riders lapping me that a slow moving object was up ahead.  My legs had that heavy cement mix feeling most of the race.  I could only step over the barriers.  Jumping absolutely not an option.  I underdressed.  MAN, was I cold but in the mix of it all I felt so freaking alive again!!  That entire reasoning behind the madness of racing came rushing back in with all the gasps of air.  What a good feeling!  I was the last expert to finish the race.  AW YEAH!!!  BUT I raced it!! 🙂

The morning rain almost detered me but I knew if I didnt go and race there was no way I’d be able to accomplish any crappy cold rain work out remotely close to what I’ll do at Grove City.. sucky performance or not.  I had a such a great time seeing everyone and for some reason I am looking forward to trying that again!  Maybe eventually.. just maybe..  I will actually JUMP over a barrier this season.  Just one.  

In the mix of trying to type something up right now I looked up my 2009 Grove City report .  It made me chuckle so I wanted to share it again  A much, much better discription of this madness.

I also went to the APCXS #1 race in Waynesburg on Saturday just to hang, watch, ring a cow bell, cheer, heckle, ring more cow bell, eat, drink and be merry.  I did just that.   

Great turn out of riders, great weather, great spectator course, great hot dogs, great friends.  Usually I get that overly jealous feeling when at any event that I am not participating in, but not so much this round.  Watching the pain faces come by, knowing and remembering what that feels like, out in the unexpectedly very hot sun.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I would have barfed.  Much better to hang and rub my buddha belly.  Is that weird?  Whatever.


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