The Girls Rule Ride claims SUCCESS!

So this past Sunday I am hanging out on my sofa listening to the steady rain fall in my downspout (much louder than the rain itself) and check the forecast. informs me that it is going to steady rain from that moment and through every hour into Tuesday.  I decided instead of dragging out a tentative ride through Monday I’ll just cancel it now and save everyone the hassle.  Soon after I sent the message I noticed the rain stopped.  Monday morning arrived and no rain.  I decided to pack my stuff and tentatively plan to ride still.  I cant access facebook during the day, so I sent a few text messages and asked Eryn to post a message saying I will ride if anyone wants to ride.  Little to my knowledge the beginner ladies have already been messaging planning to tentatively ride without their “ride leaders”!  First I am impressed, then I am slightly embarrassed I almost accidentally converted to a weather weeny and got schooled by my beginner “students”!  Whoa.. close call!!

Monday evening rolls around and it is totally not raining.  WHY would I EVER rely on the weather report!?  WHO AM I!?  I dont even know anymore.  Its a chilly start so I head us into a steady incline so we can warm up and we work our way up to Iron Grate Trail  (or is it Iron Gate? I dunno, but either works I suppose.) 

The beginning of this trail provides a fairly steep dropping rooty section and what would have quickly taken you over the iron gate or grate (not over a hole or anything spooky and just positioned to ride across soon after the trail head) but it has been removed for some reason. What’s up with that anyway?  I’m sure the name will remain the same though.  

We approach the trail head.  I remind the girls a few pointers that I spout out when approaching roots, which are slightly damp today.  Always hoping I am helpful and reaffirming and do not want to concern or intimidate them by accident.  I learned long ago that when someone makes comments about a “technical section coming up” I have been much more hesitant and scared to do it than if they just would have kept their mouth shut and let me follow their line blindly.  Anyway, we approach and I lead the pack in.  I had no idea what was about to happen!

I think Alicia follows me first.  Clears it like the true mountain biker she has become and I can see her excitement and that rush we cant help but get when learning and clearing the more technical and intimidating sections.  Sweet!  Greta is next.  She clears this section for the first time!  Arrives at our pitstop SOO wide eyed and stoked!!  Heart rate is straight spiked and I am pretty certain I have just witnessed her first bikegasm!  I think she said something like, “I JUST CLEARED THAT!!  I!   JUST!   CLEARED!   THAT!”  Her smile is so big!  My smile feels so big!  This moment completely rules!!

Next up!  Stacie!!  Its an instant de ja vous!  She drops into the trail, quickly arrives at our pitstop with the biggest smile confirming that she also in fact just cleared that scary section of trail!  Which I was thankfully aiming at and witnessing each riders success.  Eyes as big as a cartoon character, smile even bigger, chest heaving, heart rate spiked, another bikegasm for sure!  Such moments I just dont think are as readily available or taste as sweet compared to anything road biking has to offer.  Little, big, mental, physical barriers all over the trails waiting to be conquered.  

Third.. Kate-eeee!!  Swoops down and approaches!  Victory!!  Shocked, stoked, proud, gitty, this has officially reached my favorite moment in all of the Girls Rule Boys Drool rides!  If I had star or A+ stickers I’d be sticking one on every helmet out there!  So proud.  *tear*   It was glorious! 

Lastly Donna, who does not have a mountain bike (yet!) was on her cross bike and this piece of trail is NOT cross bike friendly and I would not expect her to even try this part.  Donna, I’m so sorry I did not think of you on the cross bike when I routed us this way.  We MUST get you on some fat, knobby tires!  Let’s show you what single track really has to offer next Monday and we will soon get you your first bikegasm too!

Final note:  I jumped on facebook tonight to find a status update that the a few of the Girls Rule posse got together last night for some more trail riding on their own.  An addiction ignited?  I hope.  A passion found within?  I’m sure of it.  A desire to learn more and get better!?  Absolutely!  A Girls Rule Boys Drool ride success story?  YES! 

Then to D’s we go!   We eat, drink, burp, fart (maybe that’s just me and the mason dixon talkin) and anxiously await next Monday to do it all again.  I seriously love it.  🙂

Large, scary feats create large scary appetites!


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