Month of Mud North Park TT

I was able to get up about an hour before the race start and stroll (yeah, I seriously “strolled”) over to my home trails for this weeks race.  Yeah, that completely ruled.  The turn out was awesome with a sweet collection of buds on what turned out to be a most perfect day.  What a beautifully delicious combination for a Sunday afternoon.  Mine went like this...

The time trial format had me line up and head out one minute ahead of Lauren Mika.  Hmm. Since she completely has my number this season how long can I make this last!?  GO!  I head up the switch back and make my prediction where I will get passed.  The switch back levels off and I spot her just below working her way closer. Gack!  NOT YET!  I pick my pace back up and try to hold her off a little longer.  This is seriously WAY more fun than if she started before me.. and I never see her after the start line.  ha!  I work my way through the pines and start the next climb up to the lodge.  This was my predicted passing point.  I gear down and slow down (because I physically have to) trying not to completely mangle myself what felt like merely minutes into the short race.  I reach the top, see a few people on the sidelines who cheer me on and I look back literally anticipating her presence and going to make a joke and.. she’s not there!  GO GO GO!!   I head down the other side trying to gain any ground I can get my wheels on!  Before I reach the top of the next short batch of switchbacks she’s starting up them! OH MAN! She’s got me now! GOOOOO!!  I maintain my motor at full speed ahead!  I’m so, so trying to make her work for it!  haha!  The next section is so fun!  Twists and turns, logs and roots.  I love these trails and seriously never tire of them.  I reach the larger fallen tree that is ramped up at a slight angle.  I’ve started to bypass this more often than not, but have cleared it plenty of times in the past.  I think there is a possibility Lauren will bypass it so I GOTTA take it!! If I can gain 2  seconds here I’m taking them!   I hit the ramp faster than I may ever have in the past.  Whoa!  Thank God that went according to plan!  I make the next log pile and start to switch back up.  Hearing a riding coming fast & furious I thought the chase was over, but it was Evan rocking the SS catagory out before his sidewall FAIL.  I straight smile knowing I still  have some time.  As the trail cuts right and levels off some again I can look right to the trail behind me and see Lauren hot on my trail!  

I love the next downhill.  I take it as fast as I possibly can holding back just a smidge from completely out of control.  I might always be a little too willing to gain ground on the downhill as that may be my only advantage most days.  Climbing and me are like friends on the outs.  I hope we make amends one day, but it aint happening anytime soon or this season at all for that matter.  I take the next fairly tight switchback and botch it.  I barely can ever make that turn without dabbing, and AH HA!!  Hey, Lauren.  It was so, so fun while it lasted!  I let her pass and hope to hang on with her for at least a little while but we are approaching a stupid false flat bastard section of trail!  GRR!  We start said climb back up and out.   I seriously tried to maintain with her.  Staring at her wheel..  willing myself the power to stay glued to it.. denied!  She pulled away from my like I stopped trying.  MAN!  That did NOT go accordingly to plan.  She later said she was talking to me only to look back and see I was gone.  She didnt think it would happen that soon either.  hahaha.  I seriously tried people!   I’m not sure if she was still behind me if I would have been able to keep the gas on and maintain my carrot chased pace or if I would have fizzled at that same point either way.  The world will never know.  

I reach and cross the road and spot a SS rider behind me.  Always wanting and hoping that I can maintain almost anyones pace if not exceed it with my dare devil wanna be downhill skills.  I punch it to stay ahead.  I could use the push after my unintentional fizzle not too long ago.  We drop down the rooty decent an make the tight left turn.  I gear up and hammer across the flat trying to gain some ground on my new competitor.  As SOON as the next climb starts I realized I was a complete jack ass and just emptied my tank. On a flat stretch of trail.  Against someone I’m not even racing.  Not my most brilliant race move ever.   I instantly have to hop off and start walking up as I realize no oxygen is reaching my legs at this time and they are requesting a rest.. if “requesting” means leaving me no choice but to hike.  Rrright, like that.  I reach the top and I’m back on!!  The rest feels like one long, fast and furious finish!  I weave my way through the tape and past the infamous Gary Bywaters, who serenades me when I approach any month of mud registration table.  Be jealous!   A few peeps ask me how my race went and I seriously cannot even speak gasping for air and I get a nice batch of post race coughs because its been so long since I’ve done that to myself.  Holy shit that was SO fun!!  We should do that more often. 

Three cheers and high fives all around for the Month of Mud posse.  Good times!  🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dustin Wehler on October 20, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    Great race report and that was an Epic day to be on a bike.. great course with an even better group of people..

    great job as well.. holding off missle mika isn’t an easy task..


  2. Posted by Kevin Bonomi on October 26, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    Hey Michelle,
    If you do not mind riding with a dude, and ever feel like taking a ride at south park, or any where for that matter; send me an email.



  3. Posted by MJ on October 26, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Definitely. Always nice to see you Kevin. 🙂


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