Saturday:  Little Washington Cyclocross #3.   I may give it a try and maybe I’ll take my full fenders off this time too.

Sunday:  Month of Mud at Moraine.  I love Moraine so freaking much I think I might have to write a song about it.  I have been driving past it every week for months now when I head North for work and I finally hit it up yesterday on my way home.  Met up with a long legged bird like creature (aka Stork) most of you may know and had such a good time getting re-aquainted with the trails.  I officially made an agreement with him that instead of racing this coming Sunday (yes, I shall sacrifice my own race to help better the event and experience of all other riders! I’m good like that.) I plan to head up and help course marshall instead.  Stork is all secretive about the course  (Who knows why!?  I think I read somewhere birds have trust issues.)  and I am NOT permitted to say a PEEP!! Actually, I thought he was giving me a Coke after the ride, but it ended up being some kind of koolaid and I cant remember a thing about the ride.. or where I was supposed to be today.. when is this shit going to wear off!?  SON OF A!!  So, sorry folks.  Bribes and threats will get you nowhere.  I got nuthin.   Hope to see you all out there!


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