APCXS#3 Lil’ Washington Report

What a weekend!  It all started way back on Friday when I looked up the directions to the Little Washington APCXS #3 race!  Word!  I ALMOST didnt go.  Feeling all tuckered from the work week.  Then Friday night I noticed I had a flat tire on my Presidio since it hasnt been touched since Grove City.  I felt like it was a sign.. sleep in MJ. You deserve some extra z’s and some hard core laziness!  Then I realized I didnt even have to get up too early.  I also actually have a road license from racing some earlier this year.  Then I looked up and saw how many buds were going to be there.  I was so in

I cannot even begin to imagine how someone thinks up that kind of course and then actually begins to map out over a mile plus of all those freaking posts and tape!!  I’m thinking you have to have a small piece of insanity to pull off something like that.  (Totally love you J.R… and all the crazies that do it!!)   What a FUN course!!   When I found the barriers had a slight off camber-ness to them I took some extra effort working on my dismount before the race and had a few seriously botched efforts not being able to do it at all at first.  Yikes!  I gotta say for being seriously inefficient and still cannot get a “jump” out of me if my life depended on it, I felt I had the smallest, baby pea sized bit of improvement during the race.  I actually HUSSLED in between the barriers and everything!  I’ve been super disappointed that I have been unable to attend any of the local cross practices due to being out of town every Tuesday night.  ONE night a week I am out of town and I miss the whole summer crit series and now cross practices.  DOUBLE EH!!

Here’s what my cross race involved:

* What a cluster !#$& at the start!  I imagined one of those wedding dress sales at Filene’s basement and I now have a full appreciation for the term “hole shot”!

* I got hit in the head with a tire on the first lap.  Seriously.  I’ll leave that for your imagination. It was minor but unexpected and funny.

* Each lap I tried to gain ground on the flat sections and each lap I realized I left too much on the straightaways.  Those grassy flats are a real sonofabitch and want you to think they are easy, but they are not!  Liars!!

* I’ve been around and have known of Pam Milavec for a while now, but I finally officially met her after she completely schooled my ass for 40 minutes.  It was a freaking BLAST racing with her!

* I found a carrot on my last lap and mustered up a little more energy to catch and pass her!!  Oh my heavens, I”M RACING AGAIN!! *tear.. sniffle.. smile*

* Betsy caught and passed me in my last lap.  Her competitiveness and sweetness is a combination that may never be matched.  I love when I get to race with her and was GRATEFUL I didnt have to do another lap!  I cannot believe how much a 40 minute gig mangled me.

* I survived to the finish and got the worse head ache since I can remember!  Then I actually reached into my chest and pulled out my beating heart like that dude on Indian Jones!!  Ok, maybe that did not actually happen, but it totally felt like I could.  Then I took some Aleve and got my heart rate back to an acceptable rate.. and headed straight to Burger King for a Whopper!  So good!

Holy time efficient racing!!   Endurance whodawhat!?  Wheredahowlongit?   I’m digging me some crossy fun!   Short and painfully sweet.  I can NOT wait to do it again.  I’m hoping for some more appropriate cross weather too.  I love me some slippin’ and slidin’!!  Time to see what this Marilla gig is all about! 

I meant to post about Moraine tonight also but I’m exhausted and will throw that at you another time.


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  1. Posted by Pam on October 27, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Michelle, you are so funny! I loved reading your race report! You really nailed it! I was so bad on those (slight???) off-camber remounts – guess what I was working on today? Hope to see you at Marilla.


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