MARILLA!!  I’m digging that race name.  It really works for this scene and I like YELLING STUFF!!  Since the crossy inside me has been awakened I definitely had to go see what this gig was all about.  I saw old pics of the henious “Hill of DEATH” and someone suggested a mountain bike in lieu of the standard cross bike.  Hmmm!?   That definitely sounds like some fun, but I still opted to stick with my cross bike for one specific reason.  I wanted.. no, no.. needed the lighter bike.  Those infamous cross barriers (I hate you so!) feel like they are a solid three feet high and I need all the help I can get when I “step” over them.   hahaha.  Whatever!!

This race course definitely offered all the good stuff one may expect in such a race.  A quick patch of road to start providing that never achieveable hole shot into the grass and first section of roots, a  few tight turns around the start/finish area and a section cutting through a playground and thickened layer of pea gravel.  Lots of switch back criss crossy areas where your competition is all OVER the place!  CARROTS!!  EVERYWHERE!!  Eventually the course crosses the street, heads down along side the road and we cut left further downdowndown before we climbclimbclimb the now infamous HoD!  I did not get any practice on this thing prior to the start and since the majority of my competition dropped me in the first 20 feet of the race I couldnt chase or copy cat anyone else on my way up.   A major goal in riding for me (normally and really doesnt jive in this crossy world) is I never want to get off my bike.  SO the only thing my brain thinks is ride as much and as far as possible.  I toughen the gear and hammer as far as gravity and my legs will let me.  My bike carries me right up to the first 2×4 (or whatever it was) where I would dismount and “hussle” (in my opinion, but I’m not sure what all the spectators would say… specifically the largest heckler of them all (Powers!) screaming in my ear) until I crested, could jump back on (I mean “re-mount”) and continue rollin.   

Now actually liking the course and even all my competition for that matter didnt do a think for my performance or bodily cooperation.  No need to go into all the lame-o details but it all sums up into I felt like SHIT!  My blood flow felt like coagulated gravy, my heart migrated up into my skull (again) and I could have used another layer in the love bug outfit.  Such is life.  However, with all the photographers and facebook tagging in this day in age there is a noticable theme with my non-stop smiles through this madness of a race series.  I actually made the “pain face blog” with a big stupid smile on my face!!  Seriously people, if you knew what was really happening on the inside smiles are no where on my radar, but its all the buds, spectators, cow bells, loud horns and throwing of pastries that CRACK ME UP during these races!!  I suppose that just shows how not focused I am when I keep hearing and paying attention to everything around me and not the course or my competition ahead.  Eh.. whatever!

My new theme song for this cross season.  Note: Explicit lyrics! Mom, I do not think you will approve or like this song. You’ve been warned.  Otherwise, a perfect song for racing and in honor of my pain face pic…


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