Eats Wakening Trulucks Hay Lot Life Crick Mess

That would be a little mad gab action for my board/card game loving buds out there!  Clue:  Happy Holidays!! 🙂

So I was biking home from work last Saturday after a few hours in the office (why did I ever think having a salary would be awesome?) and with nothing else planned I evaluated all of my commuting options trying to extend my route home.  It was cold but I was just so excited to be out on my bike after a few weeks of minimal ride time for all kinds of reasons not worth mentioning.   I decided to pass through the Southside and started to work my way to the Hot Metal Bridge.  I absolutely love that bridge and its pedestrian walk.  I love the neon gold that trims the black iron.  Accentuating its yinzer flavor.  I have forever been a proud yinzer but with bad ass improvements like that I’m straight gitty and brag about Pittsburgh like its my kid.

I’m cruising across the bridge and as I approach the ramp to start my descend there is a bike chillin on its kickstand and a girl sitting on the railing curb with her chin on her knees, basically an upright fetal position.  It didnt look good.  Without hesitation I stopped to ask if she needed help.  I’m pretty sure anyone would seeing that sad scene.  She wasnt sure what happened to her bike and it just “stopped working”.   Hmmm.. ok, well I am seriously a lousy and minimal mechanical skills type rider even after all of these years, but I’m all about trying to help this girl now.  After a quick evaluation I found her chain dropped and got jammed in between the small cog and frame.  I was slightly stoked thinking I could possibly help fix this problem.

She holds the bike up and I start to man handle the chain and it is so ridiculously stuck in there.  I put forth all efforts possible and slowly (very slowly, she kept apologizing for how long it took) one link end at a time I was able to free it.  It was mangling my cold hands so I would have to keep pausing and restart after a moment of “gosh, that hurts!”  We are down to the last piece of the last link.  She’s still apologizing but I confirm I am in no hurry and we’ve made it too far together already that I aint giving up now!   Tensions are high, I fear breaking the chain, I have it in both hands, she’s balancing the bike..aannnd…  its out!!   Booyah!!   The stressful scene turns to complete relief and we are both totally stoked of our shared victory!

I asked if she was waiting for someone to come help (odd place to stop though hidden from everyone within the ramp) and she wasnt!  After a few calls left her with no assistance she did not know what to do and was literally in a dispair kind of moment.  I do believe some things happen for a reason and I was so grateful I ended up going that way.  We parted ways (never exchanging names or any additional information) heading in opposite directions.  I smiled for a little while so happy I was able to help her finish her ride home.  Later on I regretted not discussing her gears and shifting at least a little bit with her fearing she could have dropped the chain and done it again before she even hit Second Avenue.  Eek!  I just said a little prayer for her hoping she gets home safely and zig zagged my way home enjoying the sites and crisp air.

I do believe we have most of the control over our lives and decision making, but I definitely believe in a higher power also.  I like to believe our guardian angels coordinated that  for us and thankfully I was not rushing home with my blinders on, which is far too often of typical scenerio for me.  As the holidays and a new year approaches what better time to evaluate and improve ourselves and goals in life.  I think we all need to learn how to slow down, pause more, take deep breaths, breath in the cold and crisp air instead of rushing out of it, make eye contact more often, and help others whenever possible.  Life evidently goes by fast enough on its own.  We should do what we can to savor it as much as possible.  Much love and happy holidays! 🙂


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