2nd Annual OTB BALL Successful Report!

So much time and effort has gone into the B.A.L.L. (BELLAs Against Leukemia & Lymphoma! Hi-YA!) that I have struggled with what to post.  Last year I did a lot of the party planning myself.  All my very own O.C.D. fault and not knowing how to really plan the event or how to ask for help or delegate.  This year as soon as the team agreed to have a 2nd annual we got together for a meeting, delegated tasks, errands, sponsorship efforts, etc.  The BELLAs are SO awesome!  Everyone put in 100% effort!   I am so proud to be a part of this team and cannot thank Lauren, Ryanne, Michelle and Kelly enough for being such wonderful friends, ladies, fundraisers and teammates!!  *squeeeeeze*

This years highlights including, but not limited to.

*We amped up the BALL themed decor with helium balloons (some actual disco ball balloons from party city! centered in the picture.  I have completely under appreciated that store!) and multiple lighted and/or spinning disco balls around the bar.  We thought they ruled.

* We had such a truly wonderful response on the donation requests!  We went from having 10 or 11 last year to over 30!   *clapping again right now in proud accomplishment.. join me*

* DANCE FEVER!  So the dancing didnt take off in a “fever” like we had hoped, but the small group we did have on our temporary dance floor seemed to have a really great time.  We did!  (Note:  Lauren and I are prepared to take ANY one on in a “dance off” and consider ourselves undefeated at this time.  Just say the word.)

* Video awesomeness.  I cant embed this from FB, but if you have access Pratt also posted this beauty… http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1766717440303

A few lessons learned…

*  Microphone fail.  With multiple electronic / sonic booms at the initial start up (SO, SO sorry for those who endured that!) of the microphone scene I was shaking like one of those rescued pups in a pet adoption commercial.  With an already initial fear of public speaking I was so afraid to talk into it Ryanne took over for the night and did a great job mc’in!  Thanks Ry!!  We gotta figure that madness out better next year and BEFORE the party starts.

* Photo fail.  NONE of the BELLAs took any pictures!   Only documentation found so far is the few pics posted by Pratt on FB.   Thank God he actually came and took a few!!  I seriously owe you, Pratt! 

* Donated Beer Fail.  OTB was MAJORLY awesome enough to donate a barrel of East End Snow Melt to our event!  100% of the proceeds from the keg went towards our profits for the night!  We announced it maybe twice early on in the evening, but failed to remember throughout the rest of the night.  CRAP!!  We sold about half the keg, but I feel confident if we would have continued to remind people and new comers we could have kicked it and doubled the profit!  Next time.

With all of our fundraising efforts (online donations, pens ticket raffle, entry fees, raffle prizes and silent auction) we raised approxmiately $4000!!!   Doubling our profits from last year.  🙂  We are all SO happy with that and consider the BALL a great success for our team and the LLSA!  We couldnt have done it without the wonderful help of the OTB Bicycle Cafe and all of the sponsors!!  It just truly cannot happen without them!  Please consider these companies for future business.  Seriously!

Last thought.. I watched Face the Nation this morning and the host was talking about Leukemia being the leading cancer in children. 😦   Year’s ago kids had a 5% survival rate once diagnosed!!   Can you imagine!?   Today, thanks to the help of the LLSA and ongoing donations from wonderful people like YOU the survival rate is at 95%!!  With goverment funding constantly shrinking it is events like the OTB BALL and YOUR kindness that help to keep improving the lives of the LLSA patients and families.  

Thank you!  Until next time… 

The Pittsburgh BELLAs  🙂


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