Random thoughts from a sick individual

Today is officially one too many days home alone trying to kill this evil with drugs and kindness (a noteworthy shout out to my mom who has stopped by to make sure I am alive and kickin.  Thanks mom!!)  but so much time, within these walls, closing in on me.. having. trouble. breathing.  has officially just pushed me over the edge and I am using this blog to reach civilization once again and pull me out of the depths of INSANITY!  In the name of blog bull shit everywhere.. here goes.

I may have officially found the maximum level of chicken soup one individual should consume.  I pulled a feather out of my shoulder yesterday.

I have been dreaming of a vehicle that can be powered by humans!  It will have two wheels, a place to sit and means of steering.  I think it will be a great success! 

I have a weakness for sea life and bad tennis shoes.

Did you know the Doozers intentionally made their construction sites out of candy so the Fraggles would eat it and they can keep working?  If the Doozers stopped building they would die! *GASP*

JUST SAY NO to mythical processed meats!!

I can change into shapes.

I’m pretty sure the stink bugs are trying to kill me.   You can cut the tension in this place with a knife!

I want to be a care bear when I grow up!

I’m coming out with a new clothing line.  It will be virtually indestructible, yet breath like egyptian cotton.  I cant wait!

The wheels on the bus go round and round.

I made it hail last week, bitches!

*silent stare*

I have a world record collection of buttons.  I can never bring myself to throw them away.

Gersh gurndy morn-dee burn-dee, burn-dee!

There is a lephrechaun living in my attic.  Its not so much that I want to kill him, its just, I want him to not be alive anymore.


Stay classy San Diego.


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