OpenSpacePGH Community Meetings – Needs YOU!

Calling ALL cyclists!  Roadies, mountain and crossy’s unite! SERRRRIOUSLY!!  

The City is hosting several meetings to reach out and get public feedback on ideas for open spaces, parks and recreation areas.  PLEASE CONSIDER GOING TO ONE!!  Attendees will subgroup and do prioritization activities to show what they are interested in.  Once all the meetings the done the City can compare regional differences and take the next step in making their final budget decisions!   We have a chance to speak up and defend our parks, trails and vote for a local bike park!  This is big, riders!!  BIG!!

I made it to the first one this evening and actually really enjoyed the activity and being able to take part.  They collect the papers where you make your selections and there is space on the last page where you can give your opinion on the meeting / activity as well as on the open spaces in general.  So take some time and defend all your loves of the City, trails, parks, rivers, but hopefully you can include  the “Adventure Recreation” option listed and pitch any or all of the ideas PTAG provides on their website!  With the ever growing bike community in the area it would be ashame if we didnt take advantage of the situation and truly represent at these meetings.   Thanks!


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